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Need help deciding if this was a good way to resolve a social situation or not please

I was in a situation during today's session where an NPC was being escorted through a mountain by the party. A giant appeared and demanded the NPC, the party had agreed to do this escort in exchange for the NPC's weapon (the NPC gave that deal and the party agreed). The bard in the group cast Suggestion on the Giant and said:
"We're not here to hurt you, let us pass through the mountain without eating us."

The Giant answers with "you may pass" as he fails his save. The DM then had the Giant rip apart the NPC limb from limb and took the weapon the NPC had promised the group because "It would not be reasonable for the Giant to let NPC pass through the mountain and he wasn't planning on eating the NPC anyway."

Then, when a party member tried talking with the Giant after it killed the NPC, while it was still under the effects of Suggestion because we hadn't passed through the mountain yet and were still standing next to it surprised at what it did, it grabs said party member to keep him (no grapple check). Then one of the players showed the Giant a stolen item and tried to exchange it for the player and the DM started combat.

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It felt to me that the spell was completely ignored by the DM who argued about how the use of 'us' didn't include the NPC, that it wasn't going to eat the NPC anyway, then didn't 'let us pass' when it took a player and started leaving. The Bard made it clear that 'us' meant the NPC we were escorting which lead to the comment that it wouldn't be reasonable for the Giant to let him pass.

After that when the player contacted him in private the DM said:

"I don’t know how your DMs have let you use suggestion, but if they’ve let you solve all problems you may not be in the right type of game."

He also said that Suggestion wasn't Dominate Person/Monster but that's not what I'm saying either. I guess Suggestion isn't a good spell for this campaign and this DM so the player said they would drop it and avoid social spells like it. I wanted input from other DM's on how they would have handled it. Exchanging the NPC for safe passage for the group was already on the table, the Giant gave us that option as soon as it appeared which feels like what the DM forced to happen regardless of player agency. Thoughts?

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