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Need help picking a class for a large party

Content of the article: "Need help picking a class for a large party"

So, I'm joining a campaign in progress and need help picking a class I would enjoy playing in a larger party of around 7 people, counting myself. I'll give you a breakdown of what the DM gave me of the party's composition and maybe we can work together to find me some wiggle room and a spot to fit in.

For starters, the campaign is currently at level 10 and is in its infancy so, it should reach higher levels. The campaign takes place in the Feywild.

Here goes:

Wizard #1 Level 10 School of Abjuration

Paladin Level 10 Oath of Devotion

Fighter/Warlock 2 Fighter/8 Hexblade

Barbarian/Monk 3 Path of Beast Bard/7 Way of Four Elements

Druid Level 10 Druid Circle of Spores

Wizard #2 Level 10 School of Illusion

Sometimes there is also a Fighter that's Level 10 Arcane Archer he's is on a break but, may come back.

Now a breakdown of how they play according to the DM:

(I'm gonna be using I in this because I'm breaking down my interpretations from what the DM gave me)

Wizard #1 is all about battlefield control, not too high on RP, serves a queen. Uses a lot of summoning spells to clog up maps in battle. Somewhat the "face" because the DM made his character the leader of the group since she serves the queen. Not too good at being the face because of stats and also real life RP doesn't want to be the face. Kind of a jack of all trades type of wizard.

Paladin is relatively new to D&D, he tries but, I'm not sure he's super into being a paladin but most likely he doesn't understand how to RP characters quite yet because he's a bit erratic and all over the place. He was playing a barbarian that died at level 9(RIP his first character) and the campaign started at level 9 sooooo…yeah lol. DM said he was much better at being a low int barb so, potentially carrying over into his paladin. Plus the feywild seems like an odd place for a pally to be in constantly?

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Fighter/Warlock is specially set up to be the Face but never is the Face. Is more of the "face". DM says it's because he's new as well and this is his first character. Potentially more excited for combat because he started fighter for the constitution save. Tried to be the Face one time with some Hags he encountered got wildly misinterpreted by the party, almost got himself killed. This is because they never saw him try to be the Face before. Not really a diplomat, more of a blast first, ask questions later. But wants to be the Face maybe? Def not good at it so far.

Barbarian/Monk is typically a part time player. Shows up for streaks and then disappears at times. Seems to come at pivotal moments, then disappears for boring stuff. Then comes back, kinda like a boomerang lol. Doesn't talk much. Def not a face. Sits back and waits to smash things. When he does RP, he RPs very well.

Druid joined in later by request of the Devotion Paladin. Def the most experienced play BY FAR, he was playing 3e and 3.5e and sometimes still plays 3.5 with another group of friends. Great RP. Seems to have found his niche by being a slightly odd spore druid that raises zombies and tends to actually do druid things and care about the setting and the Feywild. One time made a garden in the city overgrow wildly for the fun of it.

Wizard #2…part time player but when he shows up is all about comedy. Easily one of the funniest characters and RPs very well. Sticks to illusion magic pretty exclusively because that's how he wants to play. So he has found his niche.

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Part time Fighter that's an Arcane Archer, kinda got mad at DM for hating on his play style which is I try to stealth and hide all the time. And get advantage to shoot my bow at people from max range. So he is taking a break currently but could come back at any time.

With all that info…where should I try to fit in? I'm open to whatever but, maybe not so much a cleric just because I the DM has this whole god that is entwined into the story that Wizard #1 serves as does the queen and the entire city and section of the Feywild so, trying to avoid religious persecution lol. What class would you suggest I play? Do I go for something more martial? Do I try to be the Face? I need help figuring out what I should play? I'm pretty good at RPing things so, I'd feel comfortable being able to play any class and figure out a way to good some good RP going and really help the Druid teach the party what RP is all about so, hopefully we can have some super immersive sessions! But as you can tell this is a large party so, I'm looking to find a place to fit in! Any suggestions at all will be super helpful! Thank you!

TL;DR: I need help finding a role in this massive ass party in D&D in the Feywild lol.

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