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Need help with ideas for a puzzle having to do with the party’s “Soul”

Content of the article: "Need help with ideas for a puzzle having to do with the party’s “Soul”"

Hey guys, first post here, so I apologize if I'm doing this wrong or if I'm in the wrong place.

I'm creating a series of puzzles in a desert temple meant to represent my story's "Truths of godhood". In my story, the seven truths are:

  1. A god must hold control over fate
  2. A god must be able to lead a following
  3. A god must hold immense power
  4. A god must be able to produce miracles
  5. A god must be a force of nature
  6. A god must speak directly to its followers' souls
  7. A god must be omnipresent

In this context, I've created a desert temple almost like a pyramid raid, where the players must traverse past these puzzles one at a time until the reach the end of the temple where they'll be given an artifact of godly importance. In each of the rooms, where one of these puzzles is being held, they must display that they have mastery over these truths, and I've constructed them so that each of the seven party members will excel at one of the puzzles much more than the rest of the party, giving everyone their moment to shine.

However, here comes the problem. I've got a pretty solid understanding of what I want to do with 6 of these 7 rooms, but the "soul" room has me stumped. For this room, I was looking for my party's Bard to excel, and while I could simply have it so that the party must play an instrument well in this room, I feel like that's a bit too on-the-nose.

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Without cluttering this post up too much, I figure giving some insight to the puzzles I've already had planned out to give an idea of what I've already done, and what kind of feeling I'm going for.

  1. Fate: The players are given two doors, and must make a choice as to which one to go through.
  2. Leadership: The room is full of traps and obstacles, but one player is able to climb a ladder and observe from above, instructing the rest of the party how to get through with minimal harm.
  3. Power: A simple combat encounter
  4. Divine: Players are met with a statue that appears to be "wounded", and only a healing spell will repair it
  5. Nature: All four elements make an appearance in the puzzle

The sixth room would be the "soul" room, and the seventh would be the "omnipresence" room, which would make a lot of sense in the game, but would probably just sound dumb here so I'll omit it. Regardless, that should give you the vibe I'm going for, and if any of you have any suggestions, I'd be incredibly happy to hear them! Cheers!

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