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Need Help with Mimics and Examples Please

Content of the article: "Need Help with Mimics and Examples Please"

TL;DR: Looking for examples of how to spring a simple chest mimic, and some technical questions on how a mimic works.

Hi, I am fairly new to DMing (and my players are new to playing!) and I see mimics mentioned everywhere so I am really keen to put one in my campaign to try it out!

However, there are several parts where I could really use some help, as I don't understand everything, and if possible could someone please give me some examples of the reveal/beginning of the attack, as to me this moment is super critical and I really want to get it right for the first time! I feel I can't start in the world of using mimics without reading an example of it being done.

I've read the monsters manual, and 'The Monster's know what they're doing' and 'the Mimic book of Mimics', and they are all super useful, but I've been googling around trying to get some examples of it being used and I can't find any anywhere! So please, if you could give me a simple example of the reveal of a super basic normal chest mimic, it'd be greatly appreciated!

my technical questions regarding the mimic are:

  1. I find it hard to visualise the pseudopod, and in googling for art there is only one old-school photo with what looks like a pseudopod, otherwise they just show the chest with the teeth and no pods, any help visualising this?

  2. if the pseudopod is attached to someone, can someone else attack this? presumably so, but do you have some suggestions for AC and hp? otherwise i'll wing it at like ~13 AC 5 hp perhaps

  3. they are attached as soon as they touch it, so i am presuming both hands are stuck (as one would open a large chest with two hands) my question is, can I presume that it takes 1 action to loosen both hands? or 1 action for each hand? (should I even be worrying about such detail..?)

  4. if i then attach them with the psuedopod whilst they have their hands stuck, is that an action to free the hands, and then a separate action to free themselves from the pseudopod?

  5. if someone attacks the chest mimic whilst another character's hands are stuck to the chest and/or they are also attached by the pseudopod, how do i make someway that their attacks could hit the attached character instead of the mimic?

  6. if there is anything else I should be aware of and watch out for that'd be super appreciated!

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Thank you very much in advance for your time and help! it is greatly appreciated! (also apolgies for any poor formatting, i am a major lurker and have like never posted)

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