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Need help with sorting out and simplifying campaign narrative!

Content of the article: "Need help with sorting out and simplifying campaign narrative!"

My previous approach has been to just wing the campaign narrative from session to session but its starting to get complicated and I want to make sure Ive got it all down before a player notices the cracks.

Trying to summarize the overarching plot is that an aboleth was imprisoned millenia ago beneath the earth, above ground the formation of its prison created a resource rich wilderness that when mortals found it they began to exploit these natural resources.

As an unfortunate consequences of this the Aboleth's prison has begun to break down letting it begin to manipulate people outside of its prison. This has lead to the creation of a cult that unknowingly worships the Aboleth with a disguised Mind Flayer at its head. This mind flayer is attempting to use Intellect Devourers to slowly gain control of the local government so it can speed up the consumption of the wilderness's resources and the weakening of the aboleth's prison.

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Over the last 2 sessions the party were sent into a haunted house to fetch a nonexistent will by a childhood friend of one of the PCs who works for a lawyers firm, in the house the party found evidence of the Cult's involvement and after resolving the haunting were abducted by the head of Church Intelligence who offered an alliance- if the party routes out and destroys the cult she'll make them rich.

This spymaster had also abducted the lawyer NPC and on interrogation of this NPC this party learnt that the cult seems to be involved with this lawyer firm and that the NPC has see nsomething that they were magically compelled to forget.

The spymaster then sent the party to a warehouse that one of this Lawyer firms senior partners (and intellect devourer piloted puppet) had purchased on the quiet. On investigation the party found a hidden basement that had 2 infant devourers in that they fought and killed and discovered a coded note that listed were the devourers had come from and where they were headed.

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Problem is my aprty is getting confused as my plot is way too complicated and I have no idea of how to proceed- in 3 sessions I want them to find this Mind Flayer and kill it, either failing to stop the Aboleth escaping or succeeding, either meaning that they have to go into its prison and kill it or be involved in an enormous battle between the Aboleth and its forces and the some mortal military force.

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