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Need monster suggestions for a combat encounter

Content of the article: "Need monster suggestions for a combat encounter"

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I've got a possible combat encounter coming up this evening, and I need suggestions for good monsters. One route the party may take is climbing up the face of a glacier, and I'd like them to be harried by monsters on the way up.

I don't want flying creatures, because my intent is to have this feel like ground combat with unique movement constraints.

So I need monsters with a climb speed, ideally with burrowing. A moderately dangerous big one plus a handful of smaller ones is better than one really dangerous big one. A large number of small, relatively non-threatening ones is fine too, though just from the perspective of keeping combat moving, I'd rather not deal with twenty mooks.

I'd also prefer to avoid anything too smart; if the party is strung out along a rope, a smart monster will just race to the top and cut it, which defeats the purpose of the encounter.

The party is seven PCs, all level 5, but most of them pretty squishy – Hexblade, Monk, Artificer, Ranger, Rogue, Barbarian, Cleric.

Any source except Theros is fine (though if the perfect monster is in Theros, this might be a good excuse to buy it). This includes homebrew and UA.

Things I've considered:

A Frost Salamander. This is in many ways really close to what I want, but the breath weapon will outright kill five of the seven PCs on a failed save. Worse, it's the "one big enemy" approach, which means it will be really swingy. I'd prefer to threaten the party from all sides.

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A bunch of Ice Spiders and a couple Ice Spider Queens. This ticks several boxes, but hits the "running a lot of monsters" problem because they're so puny.

What I'm actually doing right now is homebrewing a lesser version of a Frost Salamander, so I can comfortably throw three or four of them at the party without it being a guaranteed catastrophe – but I'd love to use an existing monster, if there's something that seems appropriate.

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