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Need some advice on breaking away from macguffin adventures

Content of the article: "Need some advice on breaking away from macguffin adventures"

(If Belatrix, Ora, Delphinus, Knalfa, and Lily mean anything to you, love you but stop reading now thanks xox)

Hello friends, I'm currently dming a lengthy and important story arc in a campaign, but I'm struggling to break away from the typical 'find macguffin' style of adventure for my main story beats.

Currently the party are in the midst of getting inadvertently involved in a battle between two goddesses, one of the sun and of the moon, who – unbeknownst to them – were once the same entity. It's going to be revealed in the coming session that both goddesses intend to reunify themselves in order to regain their full power, but the intent is that one of the goddesses personalities will be overpowered by the other and removed entirely during this process. The idea here is that the party is eventually going to be forced to pick a side where neither is truly right, and their actions will have a massive impact on the shape of the multiverse in future.

In classic cliche way, currently the gods are forbidden from interacting directly with the material plane, due to a divine shield created by the most powerful god. He doesn't trust the other gods to not destroy the material plane and its inhabitants in their bid for power. Hence, the gods use mortal proxies to do their bidding, sending mesaages and rewards to their followers and making use of other such indirect methods.

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One of my party members is secretly an angel created by the goddess of the sun, but lost her memories and believes herself to be a human. In trying to uncover her memories, she was shown a vision of a sunken temple while praying to the goddess, so they're searching for that temple right now. I'm going to reveal some stuff there, but I want what they find to be integral to this reunification process without being yet another powerful quest item – which is where I'm stuck.

In the past the party have had to find rare items for a ritual to break a curse, find a legendary sword to destroy another item binding the BBEG to the world, and most recently, find and protect three linked and powerful items from falling into orcish hands. While they have done other things in between, I'm conscious that my story beats are becoming samey, and would love some ideas on how I could go about this differently!

Thanks for reading and lemme know if you need any other info 🙂

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