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Need some help with the Campaign im writing! :)

Content of the article: "Need some help with the Campaign im writing! :)"

Hey guys! I'm running a campaign in a homebrew world I created. There are several different continents (Human, Orc, Dwarvern, Elven and there was once a Dragon continent, which now has been sunk). I have run a campaign on the Elven continent which went great and im now shifting to the Orc continent!

Quick World History (don't have to read, just extra info!)

The world was ruled by the gods of old but the dragons grew malicious and power hungry and waged war on the other gods. In order to lock away the dragons the rest of the gods had to lock themselves away as well, meaning that it is now a world without gods. Their power is still embued throughout their respective lands (Elves have trees that eminate magical power and bloom creating champions, Dwarves have minerals made of the old god etc!)

History on this continent

Basically, after all the gods left, humans came to the Orc continent (which is largely desert land) and promised them to offer structure etc. They ended up creating magical weapons from the Volcano on the continent (which is made from the magic of the Old Orc God) and enslaving the Orcs. There was a long period of time where humans ruled and because of this there are now lots of human-like structures (castles etc) on the continent. The Orcs ended up stealing one of the Great Weapons and freed their demi-god leader. He stated that all non-orc enteties would have a day to flee the continent before he detonated the Volcano and all non-orcs would be wiped out. Many beleived this to be an empty threat and the callousnes of man prevailed. It was not an empty threat. The world was consumed by Magma and Ash.

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Modern DayI am planning on having many tribes throughout the land, some of which I have an idea for. Some will reside in the great desert, some wil reside in the old structures of the humans and one in the Volcano. There is constant war being waged between the Tribes, although some have alliances etc. The main and strongest tribes have taken the weapons that the humans once created, although one is still missing.

I have a few questions!

  1. I have a tribe who have a monsterous mother who consumes corpses . They do not fear death but embrace it and laugh in the face of it. Mant of the other tribe give their dead to them as to save face. What monster could this be? Can't find a good fit. I want it to be a High CR so that the players don't fight it until late game possibly.

2) Any other tribe ideas are welcome!

3) What kind of campaign hook? I was thinking maybe th evolcano is set to detonate again? The Monster Mother is growing in hunger? Some kind of water shortage as a large part of the continent is a desert area? Searching for the missing great weapon?

4) Creating a world that is largely desert is complicated geographically. I want to have forests, mountains,jungles as well, you guys think this is realistic?

Any input or anything is appreacited 🙂 I know im asking for a lot even to read all of this but any feedback is appreciated! If you guys want more info RE: the world, chistory on the continent, clans I have or anything just drop a message. I wrote more but didn't want to make this post even longer.. Thanks!! 🙂

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