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Need some plot hook ideas for a player relating to his back story

Content of the article: "Need some plot hook ideas for a player relating to his back story"

I always try to work in some sort of individual arc for each of my players as we go through our games. Sometimes linking in with the main campaign other times being completely separate. Sometimes to help move my PCs to the next major plot area or just to give them stuff to do when they are stuck. I could use a couple Ideas to go with a specific players backstory.

Naseth is the next-to-youngest of the 5 sons of the head of the affluent Myaancesir clan, a noble family in a northern town. Growing up, he was the problem child of the family. Though his compassion and humility made him likeable to friends, acquaintances, and the general public, his impulsiveness often got him in trouble with his strict parents. Young Naseth followed his own instincts over his family's discipline.

It wasn't that Naseth didn't love his family; indeed, he was as devoted to his clan as any dragonborn would be. He simply got carried away by his desire to help others: a combination of reckless "noblesse oblige" and a fascination with other races. As he grew up, Naseth's family learned to tolerate his behavior, or limit punishment to a slap on the wrist. It did no real harm to the reputation of the Myaancesir clan to have one of their sons play with peasant children, skip studies to hear traveler's stories at one of the local inns, or spend free time doing odd jobs for the town arcanist. His parents accepted it, begrudgingly.

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He seemed to grow a little more restrained as he matured, however. When Naseth's sorcerous abilities first manifested, his parents hoped he would completely settle down and take on some responsibilities; perhaps travel to some kind of magic school to train his power.

The exact opposite happened. Naseth tried to play peacemaker between two quarreling townspeople, and when one pulled out a knife, Naseth shot a shard of ice straight through his heart. It may have been in self-defense, but Naseth's reckless actions in the incident stained the Myaancesir name. His` parents cut him off and kicked him out. For bringing dishonor to his clan, the punishment was unofficial banishment.

For months, Naseth wandered from town to town, doing whatever odd jobs would keep him fed, clothed, and housed, searching for some way to clear his dishonor, some grand undertaking that would bring him glory (and his clan by extension), or at least some quest that could pave the way for something greater.

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