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Needing inspiration towards a Rose Based Character and Challenge with her against a player.

Content of the article: "Needing inspiration towards a Rose Based Character and Challenge with her against a player."

I'll be having a short session with one of my players ( Wood Elf Ranged Rogue/Echo Knight Fighter) as early in the campaign after stealing from a cult's loot , picked up a nice rapier! This rapier is called "the Rose basket" and in a nutshell , creates a "spike growth" affect around the point he stands in that he is immune to.

well! this is about a year later and he doesn't use it very much and has already let me know ahead of time that he isn't in love with it anymore.

During our last full session they competed in an arena and he used it as a defense against the enemy, but at the end of the session i said , " You see a noble looking woman walk up to you and say

" it seems you found my rapier!"

I left it at that and he was speechless ! it went great ! but, i've been thinking for days straight what kind of 1v1 challenge I can make with this NPC (whom I want to be rose/flower based.) The idea is I want the NPC to challenge him to some sort of duel or challenge in this huge city for the rose basket. she and him both are royalty so this will be a big deal to commonfolk.

I don't necessarily want it to be a fight, but it can include fighting if to spice it up. So any help on challenges would be MOST appreciated. He is level 9 at this point, and fairly beefy. I didn't think a race would be any fun for him as he is a more "involved" character, likes to get in deep not just roll a few times.

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Problem 2 : I would LIKE TO be able to switch his item with another item, (assuming he wins OR loses), but i'm having a tough time finding or creating something that would work better for him. I'd like to keep the flowery/rose/vine theme but i feel the NPC needs SOME sort of ante, otherwise the player wont take the bait.

TL;DR : need help creating a NPC vs Player challenge for an item the player owns. also help on a substitute item would be helpful <3

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