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Nefarious expectation-subverting mimics to throw in your campaign! (⚠ Warning ⚠ : May lead to extreme player paranoia)

Content of the article: "Nefarious expectation-subverting mimics to throw in your campaign! (⚠ Warning ⚠ : May lead to extreme player paranoia)"

So you wanna throw a Mimic in your campaign, awesome! They're spooky and neat. Sadly, their radness has given them fame as one of D&d's most famous monsters, and players are (through no real fault of their own) more cognizant of them than their characters would be.

So let's subvert those expectations, pull the rug out from accidental meta-gaming, and make a tasty little recipe:

  • 1 part danger

  • 3 parts paranoia

  • 1 part naive innocence

  • 81 parts horror and spookyness. (Halloween is stil going on, right? Right?)


Here are some fun unconventional mimics for you to throw at your party. Some inspired by memes or posts I've seen here before:

The Health Potion Mimic

  • The dead adventurer's last undrunk healing potion. Labeled for convenience, and often found near a skeleton (its last victim) and broken glass (its previous molting).

This tiny sized Mimic needs an intentional DC14 investigation check to determine that its red liquid seems thicker than usual, and DC 19 to see part of the potion bottle itself shiver and move.

This bad boy/girl/nightmare waits for you to put it to your mouth, then digs its needle-like talons into your gums and deposits its eggs into your throat.

The unfortunate soul then must make DC 16 CON saves every hour until they succeed or fail 3. On success, the eggs are dissolved by the body's natural acid. On a failure, the victim takes 10d6 bludgeoning damage as 3 newly spawned mimics burst from their gut.


The Copper Coin Mimic

Found nestled among copper coins on a bench or on the floor of a jail cell. When put into a coin purse, consumes gold pieces at 1 gp per day, per Mimic, and replicates itself in a similar fashion.

Therefore, if an Adventurer has 100 gold, on day 1 there is 1 Mimic. It eats 1 gold coin and replicates. Sack has 2 mimics and 99 gold.

Day 2 there are 2 mimics. They eat and replicate. 4 mimics, 97 gold.

Day 3. 4 mimics. Eat, replicate. 8 & 93 gold.

Day 4. 8 eat. – > 16 & 85 gold.

Day 5. 16 eat. – > 32 & 69 gold.

Day 6. 32 eat. – > 64 & 37 gold.

Day 7. 37 eat. – > 101 mimics, no gold, and one very confused adventurer.

(Allow perception checks whenever player pays for something to notice the shift in coinage. Easier checks as copper increases. Leave it up to the player to discover what is happening.)


The Wand Mimic

A +2 potent wand, appearing to be made out of obsidian and rosewood. Every time the player casts a 4th level spell slot or higher, there is a chance the spell slot is wasted, and a chest Mimic is spawned within 15 feet. The higher the spell slot used, the more likely the chance of a Mimic appearing.

4th – – 5%

5th – – 10%

6th – – 20%

7th – – 33%

8th – – 50%

9th – – 100%, 20 mimics spawn within 30 ft, and the wand Mimic explodes.


The Tripwire Mimic

Taking the form of an amateurly constructed tripwire, this Mimic waits along hallways in dungeons for an adventurer to come along and trip over it, or better yet, lean down niiiiice and close to 'disarm' it.

Any creature that touches the tripwire Mimic is instantly restrained and begins to choke as the tripwire Mimic tightens around their neck. Wire-like tendrils allow it to still attack other creatures.


The Mimic Book Mimic

A strange tome found in an abandoned dusty library of a mad mage. This book–actually a Mimic itself–creates other mimics by interacting with ordinary objects.

Though the cover is titled: How to Summon and Control Mimics, it is written in a coded language, complex and indiscernable from gibberish. Should comprehend languages be used upon it, it shall be found to be exceedingly strange, drolling, convoluted, and seems to require at least a full week's worth of study to fully read (unfortunately, this week of study will only lead to the conclusion that the book itself is nonsense, and it's worth is useless ravings).

Once per day, the Mimic Book Mimic can magically influence two randomly chosen worn non-magical items within 30 feel of it to manifest themselves as mimics. Once slain, the objects revert back to their normal state.

The Mimic Book of Mimics is intelligent, and understands all languages. If it is under threat of being discovered, it can choose not to create mimics, or delay such creation after its initial discovery, if the party seems wary of the Book.

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