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Hey guys, my buddy and I just got a new idea for a campaign concept and I think it's pretty fun and creative so I felt like sharing it here.
So I'm your average forever DM leading our current campaign which is going very well. However, my buddy and I both suffer from the affliction that keeps giving us new ideas for character concepts, quest and encounter ideas, and with our long running campaign we're pretty invested in the story and the PC's so we can't just try out a bunch of random stuff all willy-nilly without ruining our beloved narrative.
However, our next session one of the players can't show so we've decided to play a one-shot instead where my buddy will DM. We began brainstorming ideas for a good one-shot and we came up with this amazing new concept that we're going to try out whenever someone can't join for the main campaign.
So, the basic principle is a pretty generic adventurers guild hall that hands out quests to any and all adventurers that joins the guild. The idea is that each session will be a new quest, a new one-shot, set in the same setting where we can make a bunch of characters, play them, and if they survive the sessions we can play them again later in a new one-shot all in the same setting. The party keeps changing because we play different adventurers from the adventuring guild, or if we really fall in love with a character we've made we can keep playing that character. We can even alternate between DM's, since the only recurring NPC's will have to be the clerks at the adventurer's guild hall. So when I DM my clerk is on shift and when my buddy DM's his clerk is on shift. Some overlap of NPC's may occur but we won't take the campaign that serious so it won't become an issue. The point is to open up for a bunch of light-hearted fun where everything can happen. One session the party will go to an underwater temple, the next they're in a jungle and so on and so on.

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I really think this campaign is promising, and I'm really looking forward to this style of play. I've only ever played a regular ol' meet in a tavern and embark on an epic quest together kinda game, so this will be a new and exciting experience for me! Have any of you tried something similar? How did it work out for ya?

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