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New DM considering Tyranny of Dragons, reading mixed reviews. Is it worth trying out?

Content of the article: "New DM considering Tyranny of Dragons, reading mixed reviews. Is it worth trying out?"

I'm a longtime tabletop player and occasional DM, primarily in Pathfinder, who has recently gotten into 5e. I'm looking to get into DMing. My player group isn't finalized yet but will certainly also include some of my Pathfinder buddies moving over to learn 5e and could potentially have some new to gaming.

I'm fairly comfortable with RP, the rule system, running a table, and combat. However, I know I don't have the spare time to homebrew an entire world or a custom adventure, and I likely don't have enough experience yet to create balanced encounters from scratch. I don't mind tweaking and making small customizations, especially with all the DM tips & tricks guides out there online to help. So, I'm looking to lean on an Adventure Path. I'm going to be running on Roll20 and so I'm looking at buying a bundle to help with ease of prep/running.

I've read a lot of reviews. Some say it's a solid, straightforward, classic D&D adventure that's a decent start for newish groups. Some say it's railroady, repetitive, offers little chance to RP, and is overall not worth the time. I know there are other Adventure Paths that are described as better than this one, but I think I'd like to save them until I'm a little more confident in my skills. I'm also thinking I might need to be a little more experienced before I'm ready to run more open sandbox environment.

Some specific questions:

  • If anyone here has run it (or played in it) what was your opinion overall? Is it worth the time?

  • Is it horrible to run a somewhat railroady campaign as long as I am upfront about it in Session 0?

  • Is the complaint that there is very little chance to RP true, and if so is it something I can fix as a DM with minor corrections or would it take an extensive reconstruction?

  • Where is a good place to start to find additional info about this world setting so I can be prepared with lore?

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