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New DM, starting a campaign with 6 players, 2 of which have never played before.

Content of the article: "New DM, starting a campaign with 6 players, 2 of which have never played before."

So, title is the basics and here's the gist of it.

I've decided to do a homebrew campaign and world, and I had the idea to give the two new players in the group a whole separate session to introduce them to their characters, the setting and game mechanics.. and in a session or two I would have them meet up with the rest of the group.

The story idea is, one of the two new players is a noble and the other is a daughter of a merchant who had to flee town after the castle is taken by the BBEG. And they're forced to hide in a small town for a while where they would eventually meet the rest of the group in a tavern where they would pick up a quest or two to get some money and "recognition"(?). I thought it would be a good way to introduce the two new players and that it would be a neat thing to actually have their background happen as they are playing it out.

In session zero I explained that not all fights would be fair and sometimes they might be forced to flee or disengage (Also, would this be considered too rail-roady? Cause I've given it thought and it seems like it but they agreed and said that it's realistic that they can't win everything..).

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And for those still reading I had the idea of the 4 person group basically to start in a tavern after "completing" a small bandit related quest where they are attacked.. which would basically "remove" the potentially awkward first time tavern meeting that I've seen here and there. And later since the bandit attack left a lot townsfolk injured they would be quested by the mayor to hunt down a monster (queue Witcher 3 spoiler, but it's not a new game so don't think it'll affect many people) which would turn out to be a cursed noble/prince… and minutes after killing him and realizing what had happened they would get captured and sent off to the next location in chains where they would eventually meet up with the majestic duo.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the introduction in general and if you have any tips and tricks for a new DM I would gladly hear you out!

Thanks for your time, Malek 🙂

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