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New dm used my characters from my campaign. Is this normal?

Content of the article: "New dm used my characters from my campaign. Is this normal?"

I’ve been playing dnd for a few years now, and I was a forever dm for about a year or two. Yet I only had 2-3 groups to play with due to living in a small town. Recently one of my players really wanted to try to be a dm. I was all for it because he was super excited about it. I helped him create his world and helped give tips about how I run encounters and how to run npcs. I sent him a lot of links from this subreddit.

Fast forward to this week. We play every month and do a really long session. We are two sessions in. He started bringing up characters with the same name as my home brew characters from previous campaigns. He uses carbon copy characters. They are only the characters that everyone remembers or from very pivotal points in the last campaign.

For example, I as a dm wanted my players to talk and rp more with villains, therefore I let a character try to persuade a manticore to stop attacking with fish. He got a nat 20. So the manticore became a recurring character that would do minimal tasks for a cart of fish. My friend set up an encounter with a manticore and it went the exact same way. Except the player that proposed fish as a solution to the manticore as a joke. As soon as the player said this OOC the manticore stopped to listen. This was surreal to say the least. I wrote it off as homage of sorts but that wasn’t the end of it.

He used my goblin princess and wandering wizard who created grilled cheese. Whom were all recurring npcs that the players liked a lot. I am unsure as to how I deal with this. I would’ve been ok with it somewhat if he asked me about it but he claims them as Easter eggs. I helped him create a lot of different parts of his world yet he hid them from me.

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I don’t have experience with other dms except for the friend that introduced me to dnd. I didn’t take his characters and he didn’t take his brothers characters from what I know of. Is this problem normal? Is this ok? Do other people go through this?

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