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New Druid Circle I’m working on, thought I’d see what people think.

Content of the article: "New Druid Circle I’m working on, thought I’d see what people think."

So I'm working on a new druid circle for a player thought I'd see what you guys think of it so far.

Circle of Reflections

A waxing moon is reflected upon a pool of water, the cloaked figure looks over the surface then the image begins to change. Those druids who belong to the Circle of Reflections are connected to both nature, and the spirit of nature. These druids have a sacred pool somewhere, secreted away somewhere from prying eyes. When they need to travel away from their pool they almost always travel with a vial of water from the pool. Which acts as their druidic focus and is rumoured to have amazing properties, although it is said that losing it will bring misfortune.

Circle Spells

Your study and self reflection has infused you with the ability to cast certain spells. At 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th level you gain access to circle spells.

Once you gain access to a circle spell, you always have it prepared, and it doesn't count against the number of spells you can prepare each day. If you gain access to a spell that doesn't appear on the druid spell list, the spell is nonetheless a druid spell for you.

3rd | Zone of Truth, Silence

5th | Create food and water, Water Walk

7th | Divination, Confusion

9th | Hallow, Scrying

Reflections of Insight

At second level, once per long rest, by gazing into a circle of reflective water a Circle of Reflections druid can commune with the local spirits, gaining insight into the potential future as they see it.You receive information about the results of a specific course of action that you plan to take within the next 30 minutes. The GM chooses from the following possible omens:

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Grow, for good results

Rot, for bad results

Grow and Rot, for both good and bad results

Nothing, for results that aren’t especially good or bad

The spell doesn’t take into account any possible circumstances that might change the outcome, such as the casting of additional spells or the loss or gain of a companion.

Calming Connection

At 6th level if a druid spends 10 minutes in calm concentration with a beast, they gain a temporary connection with it lasting for an hour. You gain the ability to communicate with the beast for the hour (or the ability is used again whichever occurs first), as well as maintaining a mental connection with them with a range of 1 mile. The knowledge and awareness of many Beasts is limited by their Intelligence, but at minimum, Beasts can give you information about nearby locations and Monsters, including whatever they can perceive or have perceived within the past day. You should be able to persuade a beast to perform actions for you, providing there is no obvious risk of harm to them, by either of your perceptions (EG. they will not accompany you in battle, or climb into a sphere of annihilation).

Starting at 6th level this automatically succeeds on beasts with a challenge rating as high as your druid level divided by 3, rounded down. For beasts above this level you must succeed on a Charisma roll with a DC of 10 + however many levels are between the beasts CR and a success. (EG. a level 6 druid connecting with a level 5 creature would have a DC of 12)

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Hidden Mind

At 10th level you become immune to all but the most powerful scrying magic. If a magic user tries to scry you all they see is a reflection of themselves. You also gain advantage on saving throws to prevent having your mind/thoughts read.

One with Water

At 14th level the power of your sacred pool has allowed you to become one with water. If an area of water has a volume at least one size larger than you, you can step into it and your form becomes water (for up to 8 hours). While in this form you can move around within the water freely, as well as being able to move as a 5x5x5 ft cube of water outside of the main body of water. In this form you are immune to non-magical slashing, piercing, or bludgeoning attacks. This transformation can be performed as many times as desired, however you gain a point of exhaustion if a long rest was not taken for every time after first.

As an action once per day in your water form you can touch and heal a number of individuals up to your spellcasting modifier, each healing for 6d10 health.

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