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New Fighter Archetype

Refining a homebrew fighter build for 5th Edition. Would love some feedback or "constructive" criticism if you feel it could use more tweaking. Thanks in advance for taking the time to check out my work.

Honor Guard (Fighter Archetype)

Long has the honor of those who devote themselves to protecting the weak and helpless been impossible to break. With just your trusty shield, keen mind and battlefield awareness you're the only defense between the innocent and those who wish to exploit them.

This is a great build for those who want to lead from the front lines with a defensive play style while protecting their allies from all manner of foes. Utilizing a shield you can turn the battle into a controlled environment and lock down the toughest foes while your party decimates them. This is a high setup high reward build with many of the abilities requiring conditions to be able to activate them, making those who put the effort into good battlefield positioning be well rewarded.

Declared Challenge

Starting at 3rd level you can elect 1 opponent to be your Declared Challenge at the start of each turn. You get a +1 bonus to AC vs that opponent until the start of your next turn. As a bonus action you can issue a challenge to your Declared Challenge to bravely face you. Roll an intimidation check vs your opponent's insight, if you succeed your opponent is a little scared/wary of you as he puts in more focus on you and less on others around him. This results in their next attack against you or an ally being at disadvantage. This effect lasts till the end of your opponent’s turn.

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While waging war on the battlefield you're able to focus on your target to a point where you can foresee incoming attacks made against you. Starting at 3rd level you can use your reaction when your Declared Challenge attacks you to take half damage from a single attack.

Anchor Mode (Requires A Shield)

Starting at 7th level you can enter Anchor Mode at the start of your turn. You will forfeit your normal action and bonus action to do so, meaning you can’t attack or cast spells on a turn you are in Anchor Mode. Once you enter Anchor Mode you can't move at any point unless forced to by magic or an ability. You must be wielding a shield in order to enter Anchor Mode.

While in Anchor Mode you can add your Strength or Dexterity mod (your choice) to AC, you also gain advantage on any check made against forced movement. Anchor Mode grants you the ability to counter attack your opponents. When Anchor Mode is active you can use your reaction to attack any foe within reach who targets anyone but you. You can use reactions in this way a number times per turn based how many extra attacks you have. So 2 reactions at 5th level, 3 at 11th level and so on. Your first reaction can be used on anyone within your range while all extra reactions can only be used on your Declared Challenge.

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Repelling Cover

Starting at 7th level when ever you're in Anchor Mode you can use one of your reactions to repel incoming missile attacks (You can use any of your reaction for this ability). If a missile attack fails to beat your AC, you can use DEX or STR + Proficiency to roll a counter attack at a random opponent within 30 ft of you. Damage is the same as the source it was fired from + your Proficiency bonus.

Your ability to repel incoming attacks of any nature with your shield is so focused you can also repel hostile spells back at those who cast them. Whenever an opponent casts a spell at you that requires a spell attack roll you can use all your reaction to do an opposed attack roll with either STR or DEX. If you beat the spell attack you can repel the spell right back at the caster, any saves allowed can still be made by the new target of the spell using their own spell save DC. Once you use this feature all remaining reactions you have left are spent and you must complete a long rest before you can use this feature again.

Strike and Shield

Starting at 10th level you have mastered the use of your shield. If you're wielding your shield and you first attack and hit an opponent with another weapon during your attack action, you can do an extra attack as a bonus action with your shield doing 1d4 + STR bludgeoning damage. As a plus if you use this special ability against your Declared Challenge you can do this extra shield attack at advantage.

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Interception Attack

Starting at 15th level you’re so adept at protecting your allies you can repel attacks from any foe who dares strike them. Whenever you’re in Anchor Mode and your Declared Challenge attacks an ally within your reach, you can intercept his attack. Roll an opposed attack using one of your reactions, if you score higher than your foe you can cancel their attack and score a free counter attack on them. This effect can only happen once per turn.


Starting at 18th level you assert your true dominance over the battlefield. You can Declare a second opponent to be a Declared Challenge. Having a total of 2 Declared Challenge targets on the field at the same time. Your bonus to AC granted from having a Declared Challenge is now +2.


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