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New Inspiration Use Idea: 1-round Haste

Content of the article: "New Inspiration Use Idea: 1-round Haste"

TL;DR: Let players burn their inspiration to gain the effects of Haste for one round; they get an extra action, but cannot take actions on their next turn.

In my campaigns I generally allow players use their inspiration to bend the rules or change small facts about the world, providing that the result is cool. Things like adding a chandelier to the room to swing from in their assassination attempt, or make spells do things they don't normally do, but that make some sense and are neat. During a recent session, a player wanted to do something cool, but it was a bit too far outside of the rules for me to just let them do it for inspiration, so I came up with this.

The player in question was a Druid, and had cast Antilife Shell, then wild shaped into a mole and burrowed beneath the enemy, a modified Frost Giant Everlasting One they were fighting in a tournament. He wanted to burrow up out of the ground beneath the giant, lifting him into the air with antilife shell, then bonus action dismiss wild shape, polymorph into a giant ape (dismissing antilife shell in the process) and catch the falling giant with an uppercut. It was a super cool idea, but Polymorph used his action, leaving him unable to uppercut, and giving out an extra action was a bit too generous for just a use of inspiration imo. So I told him he could use Haste rules; he could get the extra action to punch, but in exchange he would not be able to take any actions on his next turn, as if Haste had just ended on him. He took the deal, punched the giant, and knocked him out with that hit (to thunderous applause of course). Technically he never had to deal with the downside of the trade, but he and everyone else at the table thought it was well worth it for the coolness factor of his Burrowing Ape Shoryuken. I will likely present this as an option for cool shit that they want to pull in the future (they earn inspiration fairly often), and I'm hopeful it will enable more cool moments without breaking the game.

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