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Newbie DM: am I doing stuff right? players are dropping like flies…

Content of the article: "Newbie DM: am I doing stuff right? players are dropping like flies…"

Hi everyone!

As many others out there, I've played DnD in my youth and I'm now back again, trying to kickstart a new group of players and introduce them to the game.
I've never played as a DM, but since I'm the only one with previous DnD experience, I'm taking on that role, and it seems it can be a lot of fun!

I've bought the "Essentials" kit and we've just started the Dwarven Excavation adventure. The manual states that it's an adventure well balanced for 1st level characters and that sounded great.

But now,the party has met a couple of ochre jellies in the dungeon and tried to fight them and died right away. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

This is what I've understood of the combat rules (I'm considering melee here): 1) roll for initiative (easy-peasy), then, for each character, in order: 2) roll to see if the character hits: 1d20 + attack bonus of the weapon of choice; if this is equal or higher than the opponent's Armor Class, then it's a hit and you roll for the damage. Then it's the next character's turn (for now, I'm leaving our special actions, I just want to get the basic combat clear for everyone and for me :D).

When one of the jelly attacked, it managed to get a roll high enough to hit one of the characters then, if I read the stat sheet correctly, it dealt 9 hp bludgeoning + 3 hp acid (or I roll 2d6 + 2 and 1d6 respectively), which is more than enough to kill our halfling (with 8 maximum hit points) and to leave our elf with only 4 hp and likely dead one the next round.

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Some questions for you: 1) have I understood the basic combat rules correctly? 2) can the characters do some sort of roll to defend themselves or if they are hit, they are hit? 3) is an ochre jelly really that strong? at least in comparison with level1 characters… 4) is the Dwarven Excavation really balanced for level1 players? 5) when an ochre jelly is slashed, it splits into two smaller jellies, one size class less and with half the hp than the original. Is there any modification to the damage they can inflict? or the attack roll they have to make? it feels unbalanced that they can still hit you as hard as before, being half or a quarter of the original size…

A lot of questions, I hope it's ok šŸ™‚

Thank you in advance!!


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