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Newbie DM — questions about running Princes of the Apocalypse?

Content of the article: "Newbie DM — questions about running Princes of the Apocalypse?"

Hi all,

My party just finished up Lost Mine of Phandelver, which was significantly easier to run/comprehend than PotA, which I chose because I figured I could blend one storyline into the next pretty seamlessly.

However, looking through all the materials for PotA has me very overwhelmed. I've read through the Sean McGovern guide, but I'm still confused on where to start off my party. Can somebody who has run the campaign tell me if this intro makes sense…?

My players are at level 5 atm — I was planning on having them begin their journey in Red Larch. It's been some months since they've captured Nezznar and turned him over to the authorities in Phandalin. They've been working wih the Rockseeker brothers to deliver weapons enchanted by the Forge of Spells to various outposts across the Sword Coast. This time around, they're delivering a shipment to Ironhead Arms in Red Larch.

I was planning on letting them explore Red Larch a little bit, see what interesting bits of info they pick up and from who. I think I'd like them to do the Lance Rock > Tomb of Moving Stones plotline, even if it's written for level 1/2 characters, so that they have a better understanding of the culty stuff that's at the heart of the campaign. I don't really have any interest in running Iceshield Orcs or New Management tbh. I don't think my playets will find it fun.

Other things:

  • I'm gonna skip over the stuff with the factions completely. Is that allowed? I feel like it's just going to confused them.

  • Am I allowed to give my players the backstory with the cults and elemental evil? Like how much info about them is too much when we initially begin? I wanted to tell them a little bit about how the presence of elemental evil in the Sumber Hills goes back thousands of years, but idk, is that considered poor practice for a DM?

  • I have a druid in my party — can I say that she senses various forms of elemental magic in the Dessarin Valley?

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Thanks for your help! 💕

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