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Newbie DM with newbie players seek help for its campaign

Content of the article: "Newbie DM with newbie players seek help for its campaign"

Gea, Gio, Ru e Maddy andatevene, non leggete sta roba.

Ok so I am about to start a campaign with a group of first-time players, I am also not an experienced DM but I wanted to make them enjoy the adventure as much as possible, they had fun while making their characters and backstories and I wanted to tie them in the story to make them feel important.
Basically what I am asking is for more experienced DMs to tell me if the things I made seems to make sense or would be funny for them.

Since I don’t have confidence in my abilities at writing an homebrew campaign I decided to basically mash up a lot of pre-written module and add a semblance of a continuing story, at least in the first part of the campaign, then I am gonna add a bunch of stuff of my making once I would have accumulated enough experience to do things by myself hopefully.

Also it says here that I should include as much detail as possible, so forgive me if I write a bit too much.

They will start their adventure with Waterdeep Dragon Heist, things will mostly go like the original module, with the difference that the Cassalanters (the chosen enemy) will now have a slightly different motivations and roles, basically being fused with the Vanthampurs from Baldur’s Gate Descent into Avernus. There they will play descent into Avernus similarly to the original module, except that instead of Baldur’s Gate there is now Waterdeep. Inside Avernus they will interact more with characters like Smiler the Defiler, the philosopher Vrock and an insane Nagpa, and will receive help from what is clear to be various exterior influences, of which they will find a bunch of clues, like unholy symbols, statues, descriptions and inscriptions that will give them a few infos but not really give them full insight on their identities.After an investigation (and thanks to Mordenkainen’s help) they will discover the identity of their mysterious benefactor: Moloch the exiled archdevil (and the Raven Queen but her role isn’t as important).Once returned to Waterdeep they will find themselves again in the plot, when they will, for a reason or the other, receive quests of investigating turmoils into cities where again the nobles have turned into worshipping Moloch, or small villages of fishermans to temples built over ancient places of evil overrun by cultists (I have a couple of places to not railroad them and give them choices).There they will finally gain insight on Moloch’s plans, who has found a way to circumvent the limitations of magic placed by Mystra, finding a way to cast the 12th level spell Karsus’s Avatar, stealing a god’s power and ascending to godhood, gaining enough power to conquer first Avernus and then the entire multiverse (I am not sure who’s power he is gonna steal, maybe Tiamat since she is literally on Asmodeus’s doorstep, maybe the raven Queen for more knowledge, I dunno).They will then search for an answer while trying to stop/slow down Moloch, where they will have a series of possibilities, from infiltrating Moloch’s fortress and either destroying or stealing the irreplaceable components, finding the Jathiman’s Dagger and using it to permanently slaying him, sabotage the ritual, or anything they might decide.

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As for the backstory tie-ins the funny thing Is that they all chose to make characters that escaped their previous life, for one reason or another.

The tiefling arcane trickster is the daughter of a woman that made a pact with a devil to gain powers, and used magic to charm her father, a powerful wizard, to sire a child with her. The mage eventually freed himself from this charm and escaped, leaving her alone with a mother that was slowly descending into insanity, until she also escaped from the village. The wizard is gonna be Mordenkainen, that while not attached to her he will help them by sharing its wisdom and knowledge to topple Molch’s plans, while the mother and village, which they might visit, are another place under the control of Moloch that they might free.

The tiefling warlock of Hyrsam (prince of all satyrs) escaped from its family to go on adventures, Hyrsam doesn’t want for Moloch to accomplish his goals, plus I am gonna make him the distant parent of the Cassalanters, being able to use his title to easily infiltrate the villa.(His players doesn’t really want to give me more insight so I don’t have much)

The elf shadow monk also escaped from a noble family in shambles and an angry and demanding father, I am gonna have her be the descendant of Shadar-kais. She will discover her heritage both thanks to visions from the raven queen and by their interactions with Kitchyrra, an insane Nagpa that serves Moloch and will try to capture her and feed on her blood to restore its previous form.

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Finally, the half-orc fighter, she was part of a family of half-orc bodyguards for a noble family, after she was forced to execute a friend of her after he tried to steal from the nobles, she went away disgusted of the corruption of the city. I am gonna have Krikendolt be the reincarnation of her friend’s soul, with the possibility of restoring its memories thanks either to the raven queen, the power of the Bleeding Citadel or Mad Maggies machine. The city where they will be able to go after they complete Avernus, where they might also find Raxivort, is the same city of her backstory so she does have a reason to go there, where her family will be broken between those that are still on the side of the nobles and those who doesn’t.

So what do you think? Does the plot makes sense Is it engaging? Are the tie-in with the character’s backstories good? Is there something I could do to improve anything?
All suggestion are appreciated. If you have any questions or need any more clarifications i will gladly respond.
Thanks in advance for any advice

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