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Newer DM here. Which module is best for my demon/devil campaign?

Content of the article: "Newer DM here. Which module is best for my demon/devil campaign?"

As the title states, my players are interested in slaying some hellish creatures. Currently, we are running LMoP, as they are all first time players, but I plan to transition to a module. I will definitely be modifying the module with plenty of homebrew, as I have my own ideas, but I definitely need an appropriate module to base things off of, as I do not have the time or creativity to fully craft a world, all the NPCs, villains, dungeons (especially these; I suck at these), and locales from scratch. I've done a lot of searching for details on these modules, but still don't have a clue of what they contain outside of a few minor details.

From what I understand by researching a bit, Princes of the Apocalypse is great for snatching dungeons, a plot about powerful items used in summoning, and cultists. It lacks roleplay, character interactions, and a reason to spend time outside of the dungeons though, as the dungeons themselves are the primary focus, and ultimately, it does not feature demons in any major sense.

However, Out of the Abyss is generally regarded as an amazing and imaginative module that is primarily demon focused. Grand set pieces and a gritty journey are what people seem to be raving out when speaking about this one. The major issue here is that my players specifically stated in session 0 that they have minimal interest in spending too much time in the Underdark and would like to explore the countryside and it's dungeons there. All mentions I see of Out of the Abyss say it's almost entirely set in the Underdark with minimal overworld exploration.

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I guess my question is which module is easier to modify to my goals? Would it be possible to take the ideas of Out of the Abyss and plant them in similar settings above ground, or even just find ways to break up the different delves into the Underdark? Or would it be easier to snatch the plot and dungeons of Princes of the Apocalypse and add in different villains to fit my campaign?

I appreciate any help given!

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