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Newer DM Needing Help for Creating a Halloween Horror Adventure

Content of the article: "Newer DM Needing Help for Creating a Halloween Horror Adventure"

Howdy, all!

TL;DR: I need help with creating a horror-based Halloween one-shot, and these are the premises that I've come up with thus far. Looking for advice to flesh them out.

Due to the current state of the U.S. right now, Halloween has taken a great hit. It's always been a fun holiday for me because I love trying to create costumes for it, but now, I don't really have the opportunity for it anymore. I still wanted to celebrate the holiday somehow, and I thought creating a horror-themed one shot would be a fun way to still enjoy the holiday with my friends. Being a newer DM, I'm don't have much experience in creating adventures, and horror has been a theme I've thought of but never applied. As such, I hoped to get some help from the community to create this. I've done some background research on incorporating elements of horror into D&D 5e (

), and from that, I've gotten some inspiration. Currently, I'm in the phase of choosing which direction I wanted to take this, so here's what I've thought about so far; feel free to give your thoughts on just one or any of them. 🙂

Hunter-Hunted: Traditionally adventurers are always seen as the ones who are able to effectively fight back against evil and terrors, but I'd like to elicit the feeling of being in over your head, and now you've become the prey. For a long time, I've thought of using an Oni as a stalking monster that lures them into its lair to pick them off slowly and repeatedly. I also thought of using a big kaiju-esque creature to hunt them down like Cloverfield.

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Eldritch Madness: With this theme, I'm hoping to incorporate a lot of psychological fear in the players. For example, "Barbarian, you hear screaming coming from down the hall. Everyone else doesn't". I feel as though this could be incorporated into a few other themes on this list, but I like the idea of Lovecraftian horror.

Crazed Town: This is one that could be taken in a few different ways. I've thought about a cultist town, a Purge town, or a rage virus infected town (like The Last of Us). One of the main goals would be centered around being outnumbered behind enemy lines against a threat you can't effectively take on.

Ghosts: Tbh, I haven't thought of much here, but ghosts are classic horror. I think that there are good setups that I could steal from media like Supernatural or The Witcher that could create an objective of "free the spirit".

Body Snatchers: With the popularity of Among Us at the moment, I thought a session fueled by paranoia would be really fun to do. I also had an idea of incorporating the players as the body-snatched. At this stage, it's just an idea, so I don't have any ideas for the plot, but I think there's potential here.

So this is what I have so far. If you have any other ideas, I'd really love to and appreciate hearing them. Thanks for reading and for any help!

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