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New(ish) DM would like some feedback on my Slaad BBEG

Content of the article: "New(ish) DM would like some feedback on my Slaad BBEG"

I recently got my friends into DnD and we started playing online on roll20. I think i have a good outline of a campaign to at least get them to level 5, probably higher, and would like some feedback or tips on how to run what i'm planning.

We just finished our first session where, on the hunt for a man that wronged 2 of my PC's in their backstories named Bruce, came across a mine he supposedly was at recently (this is my kind of tutorial dungeon for them, where they befriended the kobolds there and saved their eggs from the mine's owner who was using them as basically slave labor).

Going through the MM, the Slaad really stood out to me for making Bruce (my BBEG) one. My plan is to have him been a Green Slaad who recently morphed into a Gray Slaad to bring shards of the Spawning Stone to the material plane and begin a Slaad invasion. The town near the mine, where they're heading next, was attacked by red frog monsters a couple months back. One of my PC's had a potion shop in the town over and provided medical supplies after the attack, so she knows some people here.

As they come to the town and search for clues for Bruce I'm going to have tadpoles start bursting out of the townspeople over the next couple days as a way to introduce the Slaad. the tadpoles and resulting Blue Slaad will have the goal of infecting 1 or 2 villagers each and taking them to a swamp, where Bruce has setup camp and a Spawning Stone.

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My party is 5 players: A Monk, Druid, Bard, Rogue, and Wizard and just leveled up to 2. I don't plan to have them face more than 1 Blue Slaad, at most 2 with NPC help, as they see others drag away villagers and maybe witness a chest bursting or two from NPCs some of the PC will get to know beforehand. I want to avoid getting them infected and just get them interested/scared of the Slaad.

Do you guys have advice in how to run the Slaad? I know they're pretty strong, so i don't plan to have them fight any for a couple more levels, maybe using the Grey Slaads polymorph to infiltrate bandits/snakement/etc. to be roadblocks on the way to the swamp and when they get there so they can level up. I want them to reach the swamp and take out the Spawning Stone around level 5 or 6, with the Gray Slaad escaping to other locations with Spawning Stones the party will have to track down and to keep Bruce (the Gray Slaad) a reoccurring villain and will definitely keep 2 of my PC's interested in the main quest.

are there any pitfalls i should be aware of that could TPK? I imagine they'll face a lot of Slaad at the Spawning Zone, so how many at most could a level 5/6 party take? how many allies should they have to be as meat shields for large encounters? any other tips/tricks you have?

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