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Not a new DM, but this is my first time with a pre-written campaign veering off the rails (in a great way). Vecna nerds welcome!

(Storm King's Thunder Spoilers)

Some background.
One of my players joined the campaign late. He is a death cleric of Vecna (you know, of hand/eye of Vecna fame). He was found by the rest of the party captured as a slave by fire giants, stuck in a cage. He got out by finding a cool rock which he used to smash the lock on the cage. We joked that the rock kinda looked like the eye of Vecna.

Just last session, the party (level 8) found themselves in a similar situation. The party was beaten unconscious by a sinister village of Yakfolk, and awoke to find themselves stripped naked, all belongings taken, and separated in cages in different parts of the Yakfolk village.

This player is a great roleplayer. Super into Vecna. His cleric prays to Vecna to find another cool rock, so he can smash his way out again. Nat 1 religion check. There are no cool rocks around! I elaborate and tell him Vecna is testing his resolve. The player decides he wants to BITE HIS ARM. (He later explained he just wanted to draw blood, and show Vecna his resolve, thinking it would be similar to the biblical binding of Isaac)

So I'm a big fan of letting the dice tell the story. I have him roll two checks, contesting himself.

  1. A constitution saving throw to represent his survival instinct, AKA how hard he allows himself to be bitten, by himself. For this, he wants to roll low. He wants to prove to Vecna his life is worthless.

  2. A strength check, to represent how hard he bites, kinda like an attack roll with no proficiency.

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So, the result of this was A NAT 1 ON THE CON SAVE, AND A NAT 20 ON THE STRENGTH CHECK. Holy SHIT.

So I really wanted to make this absurd probability shine. The dice tell the story, after all. I told him he bit his left hand clean off. The stump heals over, and the hand animates. An eye opens in the center of the palm. He now has a little mini avatar of the hand of Vecna as a.. familiar?

This is where I need help. I want this to be super cool, but also balanced. I want it to be a net benefit to the character. I said the statblock is like a Crawling Claw but without the blindsight. I also wanted it to act as a familiar in the "find familiar" spell.

Some other things I thought would be neat:

  • Adding a minor beneficial and a minor detrimental trait, a la the actual hand/eye of Vecna artifacts.
  • If the hand crawls more than 10 ft away it automatically triggers the familiar senses – as in they sense through the hand and the character becomes become blind/deaf.
  • His spiritual weapon is already a hand of Vecna that punches/slaps, so I figured this familiar would kind of replace the spiritual weapon when cast, and would enhance the damage by 1d8 (as if cast at a higher level than 2nd).
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Does anyone have thoughts on balance for above? Any other ideas?

Edit: Loving the responses so far, but I should add. As his first use of the hand he wants to send it off to fetch his holy symbol, so he can cast spells again.

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