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Not sure how to resolve a disagreement.

Content of the article: "Not sure how to resolve a disagreement."

Fairly new DM here. Had a disagreement with a player, not sure how to resolve it.

The group had to find a guy who'd been kidnapping people from town, so two (Player A and Player B) of them followed one of his servants to his hidden house by casting invisibility ( the 1st level spell) on themselves. Both players sneak into the house by climbing to unlocked upper story windows. B sneaks back out, A continues in, picking one lock and bashing open another. The kidnapper is in a lab in the basement, behind that second locked door, but did not notice it was bashed open. Player a looks down the stairs and sees lab equipment. They improvise a molotov cocktail, thinking maybe there are fumes that can be detonated, and chuck the molotov down the stair at some bubbly chemistry equipment. they miss, and the kidnapper activates his robot spider which then chases Player A out of the house. The Kidnapper's servant is outside, and when I describe him reacting to Player A running outside being chased by the robot spider, player a says "no he doesn't react at all cus I'm still invisible." So I did not communicate to the player that their invisibility had dropped. In my head it was clear they had made an attack. In their head, they had not, and the spider could see them by other means (which it could) and they say they would have made different decisions had they known they were visible, but they really shouldn't have been visible, because they hadn't made an attack. I told them we could walk back to when the spider gets activated and try something else, but that they were definitely visible at the moment. I apologized for not communicating that. They stormed off in a huff.

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Any tips? I feel like maybe I should have just let them be invisible because I didn't say anything.


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