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OC- My Best Session Zero & PC Creation (Possible Spoiler Rime of the Frostmaiden)

Content of the article: "OC- My Best Session Zero & PC Creation (Possible Spoiler Rime of the Frostmaiden)"

Hey all! Jumping into the new 5e rime of the Frostmaiden next Tuesday with 2 other PCs and our DM. We're all obsessed with 10 Towns Lore so we are very excited. We did session 0 yesterday night and it was THE BEST SESSION 0 I'VE EVER DONE!

We all went through and created our characters, not too much META gaming just making exactly what we wanted to play and the party came together well. A Hexblade warlock, Gnome Wizard and my Changeling Paladin.

We rolled for backstory for an outline and we all began writing some quick notes for our PCs. We did a "talk about" how our characters met and our backstory. I came up with a quick little thing for my PC that my father was a noble and stripped of power and ancestral lands unjustly and my goal is to take nobility from the current nobility and restore the 10 Towns any way possible.

The two other players loved the idea and added some notes into their backstory about how we've all know each other and that we've been working together to take back the power from the current nobility with any means but the end goal is to bring good to the town.

The other players still have their own goals & aspirations but will utilize getting my PC into a place of power for their own means and gains

I currently have a feel we are going to be able to do "bad things" but for "good reasons" and play a fun campaign!

Our DM is excited for some "politics" and he'll me using the current politics of the land and adding in more so we can really play around in this capmaign and see where it goes.

My current backstory is below, critique and constructive criticism welcome 😉

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My mother was a changeling from North of The Spine of the World. She visited Dougan’s Hole where she met the noble, Carl Locksbrook. Carl Locksbrook was the fair and just leader of Dougan’s Hole where his family had ruled for over 200 years. Carl gave everyone Douganer free healing, free educational training and supplied aid to everyone who needed it at no cost.


I was raised on my family’s noble estate in Dougan’s Hole. From a young age I was trained as a diplomat to one day replace my father as the new leader of Dougan’s Hole. My parents were caring but strict with training and schooling. I was always taught to never reveal that I was a changeling.


During my adolescence, I began training with Specthor, a soldier in the 10 towns army who taught me how to fight with sword and shield and Bedman Grasshapper a Gnomish Wizard who taught me magic and how to properly utilize my changeling powers.

YOUTH (16-19):

At the age of 16 my family attended the Royal Wedding of Duvessa Shane, the Leader of 10 Towns, and her soon to be husband Mykeal Highbrand.

During the wedding, MyKeal fell into a drunken stupor and began spouting off how he will make everyone pay gold for healing, higher learning, and strip all aide to the poor. An intense argument ensued between MyKeal and 4 nobles of the 10 Town’s including my father. The argument quickly turned violent and MyKeal ordered his royal guard to attack the nobles arguing with him. Two of the nobles were killed and another two, including my father were wounded and imprisoned.

MyKeal requested a fictitious vote to strip the 4 nobles that disagreed with him of their lands and wealth. The remaining nobles hesitantly agreed with MyKeal due to fear and greed, stripping my family of his ancestral lands.

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MyKeal gathered the 10 Towns Army and marched on the four towns that opposed him. Dougan’s Holes militia rallied to Locksbrook castle in protest of MyKeals unjust claims. The remaining nobles in support of MyKeal were filled with a mixture of fear and greed. MyKeal ordered the attack and no quarter given to the militia. Locksbrook castle was quickly overrun and the militia routed with all fleeing troops rode down by heavy horse.

During the defense of the castle I was knocked unconscious in battle and carried to safety by my mother.

Later, that day my first sight once coming to was seeing my home burning in the distance. Me and my mother shapeshifted and fled to the neighboring town of Good Mead. From this day on, I vowed to remove all unjust nobles from power and establish a new reign over 10 Towns.

Adult (20-Current):

At the age of 19, while living in Good Mead I began working in the shadows with Bedman and Specthor to take down the 10 towns hierarchy. We committed crimes against the ultra-rich and empowered members of the 10 Towns, i.e Kidnapping, robbing, and murdering unjust people of power.

I currently reside in the town of Good Mead where I hold a minor locally elected position on the council. I am in good standings with some of the 10 Towns councils and at odds with a few of the other 10 Towns councils. I use my changeling powers to manipulate, coheres and deceive when needed to get what I want but only for the betterment of the 10 towns and not out of greed.

Overall Goals and Who We Are

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Bedman Grasshapper- Gnome Wizard- The Fixer, the brains, the magic.

Specthor- Elf Warrior- Captain of Guard, The inside man, the muscle.

Leader of radical equality. Take the power from the unjust. It is in everyone's best interest for us to take power and set things right. We will do super shitty shit to get to power, but once in power we will make things better. We are not bad people. Will get all of the 10 towns right. Politics are so bad.

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