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On a D100, Ted Deals was born..Why I love DMing

Content of the article: "On a D100, Ted Deals was born..Why I love DMing"

Little context..

My players are extremely experienced former pathfinder/3.5 players and I have been DMing this group of individuals in the same campaign routinely every Tuesday night. Well, as expected with their skill level they get pretty involved in lore/RP/personal investments such as owning property.

The group had a Paladin of Waukeen who through aquisitions of funds via investments, setting up a shop etc, managed to aquire a decrepit manor that overtime he developed into a small bustling town. It was prosperous and going well. Till the Paladin decided not to hire guards (clear hints dropped), challenged a Death Knight to 1 on 1 combat and failed every save..He wagered his lands and people… Well, said town is now run a by a Death Knight building a undead army to claim the vengeance he seeks in Death. Player is cool, adds dramatic flair to campaign always had a back up plan anyways, grave cleric of Kelemvor..

Anyways, fast forward six months and party wants to establish a new home. They've completed a rather hard goal for a local township and they're rewarded with an option for goal and supplies or a chunk of land with a run down manor house near a lake. The wheels spin and They've settled on turning this area into an adventurers sorta head quarters for themselves and the new faction they want to form but first: repairs and furnishing. Over the next few sessions they spend a short time hiring laborers etc to build their dream home . That done they head to town to find furnishing. Its a small township so not alot is to be had but this is a travlers stop so I allow an investigation to see if theres a traveling furniture salesman…Nat 20, so yup there just happens to be one. A sign outside reads 'Teds' . Before entering the tent the sorceress asks what kind of furniture they see positioned because ya know, price and quality is important. D100 to check inventory…100 lands on the table.

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And thus Ted 'Deals' was born. If you've ever seen the Doug Dimmadome meme, that is what was created. Ted had the best deals in all of Faerune and let me tell you, those players were all about it. For the next 2.5 hours my meticulously laid plans to venture into the Shadowfell were side barred for furniture shopping. My players loved it for some God awful reason (I hate IRL furniture shopping) so I was glad they were happy.

What I love about DnD is sometimes the simplest of improve can provide some of the most entertaining play you can imagine even for the most veteran of players. Moments like this is why I love DMing

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