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Something I try and stress in my home game is that the other fantasy races aren't just short humans with funny ears – they're really an alien species with different psychologies.

I wrote my players a little brief to try and help them get into the mind of a dwarf.

Who would you trust to watch your dog? Not many folks would entrust their pupper to any rando off the streets. They might not care for Rex properly, not give him enough fodder attention. Even worse, they might steal him!

But that's about as bad as we expect right? Even if we hand Rex off to an absolute stranger, we wouldn't expect that person to skin him alive and eat his entrails. That behavior is so perverse, so beyond the pale, that it wouldn't even cross our minds as a possibility.

That's how dwarves view lying. It's so gross, so contrary to nature, that one must be sick to do it. And yet, other races lie all the time…

Dwarves are born literally out of the devotion two dwarves have for each other. After marriage, a little statuette appears in their home, that will grow into a baby. They are literally brought into existence though loyalty, crafted by trust.

And this obsession of crafting follows them thought their lives. Just as they were made, they want to create. To work to bring about value is the hight of honor. Feeling exhausted from and that sense of accomplished afterwords is the best feeling in the world to a dwarf.

They have a highly orthodox society, but instead of having all their hangups based on sex (because they're non sexual, remember), it's based on honor. Doing things they way they've always been done means folks can trust what you're doing. They can depend on you. It also honors your forbears, and dwarves feel pride in taking part in tradition that starches back to their creation by Red God himself.

They are taught that Human society's are always so unstable because they can't leave anything well enough alone.

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