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One of my PCs is a frog-person but I have no idea how to handle it

Content of the article: "One of my PCs is a frog-person but I have no idea how to handle it"

TL;DR: One of my players is a humanoid frog but I am a new DM and I'm not sure how to handle an exotic race like this in the world and while roleplaying. Any advice?

Some context: A group of friends and I wanted to start playing D&D together, but most of them have never played. I am the DM because I have the most experience and was the most interested in doing it, but this is my first time. Before we created characters, one of my players asked if she could be a humanoid frog. I said, "Yes, it is possible," in which I meant, "In the D&D universe, humanoid frogs exist and there are rules for playing one." But she took it to mean, "In our game, you can be a humanoid frog." A couple days later, we discussed character ideas, and it became very clear that she was determined to be a frog (specifically a Grung), going as far as drawing a picture and coming up with a backstory. I expressed my hesitation as a new DM trying to handle an exotic race like that and asked her for some backup ideas in case I decided to disallow it. She did that, but they were ideas like "a bard who sings sad songs about frogs." I tried to read as much advice as I could find on this subreddit and elsewhere about my options. I eventually convinced myself that it was OK and I could find a way to fit it into our campaign because I didn't want to ruin her first experience with D&D. We did our session 0 last week and created characters. She ended up making a mogogol) fighter since I thought a grung would be difficult to play as a new player with their racial features (mainly water dependency and poisonous skin).

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I'm planning on running a somewhat homebrew campaign. I'm using this module as the starting adventure to give myself some more time to flesh out the larger world. I intended it to be an "average" D&D fantasy world, with interactive NPCs being one of the "vanilla" races in the PHB and monstrous races in the monster manual staying "monsters".

The problem: I'm preparing material for our first real session this week but now I'm starting to have doubts about her character. I'm still not sure how NPCs would react to her and I'm not 100% sure how to incorporate a frog race into the world. The biggest issue I have is how to create a good plot hook that makes sense for her character. In general, I'm a little overwhelmed and feel like I might have painted myself into a corner.

The questions: Do you have any advice for how to handle this as a DM? What are the ways I can work with her to give her character a compelling backstory? Do you have any advice for a first-time player on how to roleplay a frog-person? How can I incorporate the mogogol race in the world of the campaign? I'm mainly looking for advice on how to handle the character and not the player which is why this isn't in the megathread.

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