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Oops! All Tools! Yet another exercise in “abserd” Character creation

Content of the article: "Oops! All Tools! Yet another exercise in “abserd” Character creation"

Inspired by the "Oops, All Skills", and "Oops All Languages", I decided to see if it was possible to get proficiency with all tools. I am counting as tools anything that is classed as a Tool, but is not an instrument, or a gaming set.
This creation uses Origin Customisation from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, and the Bloodhunter Class from Critical Role.

  • Race: Mountain Dwarf – Use OC to replace all armour and weapons with tools: +7
  • Background: Pick any that grant two choices (Simplest to just use Custom background) +2
  • Classes:
    • Artificer 4:
      • 1st level: Thieves, Tinkers, +1
      • 3rd level: Artificer Specialist +1
      • 4th level: Feat
    • Fighter 4:
      • 3rd level: Martial Archetype – Battler Master (Student of War) +1
      • 4th: Feat
    • Rogue 4:
      • 3rd level: Roguish Archetype – Mastermind – Disguise Kit, Forgery Kit
      • 4th level: Feat
    • Bloodhunter 1:
      • 1st level: Alchemist Supplies
    • Cleric 1:
      • 1st level: Forge Domain – Smiths' Tools
  • Feats:
    • Artificer Initiate: +1
    • Chef: Cooks Utensils
    • Skilled: +3

You could swap either the rogue archetype to assassin, or the Chef feat to Poisoner to get proficiency with Poisoners kit instead of Forgery Kit or Cooks utensils instead

Specific Tools granted: * Alchemists Supplies * Cooks Utensils * Disguise Kit * Forgery Kit * Smiths Tools * Thieves Tools * Tinkers Tools

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Other Tools (to be distributed as needed): * Brewers Supplies * Calligraphers Supplies * Carpenters Tools * Cartographers Tools * Cobblers Tools * Glass-blowers Tools * Herbalism Kit * Jewellers Tools * Leatherworker Tools * Masons Tools * Navigators Tools * Painters Supplies * Poisoners Kit * Potters Tools * Weavers Tools * Woodcarvers Tools

As a nice bonus, you also get proficiency in all armour types, shields, simple, and martial weapons.

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