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Opinion/Thoughts on Workshoping a DMPC with the party?

Not sure if this kind of thing is allowed on this subreddit, as I am not looking for advice per se, more other DMs opinions on doing this, and experiences if they have.

So Im running a homebrew campaign in the Pathfinder world, still rather early level. I gave them a bit of an early power spike, to really bring them into the "wow we can do a lot" mindset. Just finished a tough encounter (designed to be) and the DMPC I was using as a party fill and guide ended up getting critical killed by a werewolf.

They won the combat, but they wanted to have another party member to replace him, and I like having an extra member to have along and use for extra buts of story. I decided to let the party, as a group, come up with the character entirely, Class, race, looks, personality, etc.

I was wondering if others have done this, how'd it go, and if you would recommend it to others? It was a little rough consolidating all their plans for this character into one being, but I feel like it helped them get better at character creation on their owns as well. (At least two have talked to me about maybe redesigning theirs a little bit, as they are all new I am definitely willing to give them the chance)

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Edit 1: Seems like the concept for DMPC is generally frowned upon, I wasn't aware of that. After reading all of your comments, I can definitely see why they have a bad reputation. Hopefully how I was using the first, and plan on using the second, won't fall into those pitfalls.

 1st PC: Was an unfortunate underling to a crime boss, who was their means of finance for their mission, as well as a hand of influence to be used as necessary. Didn't talk to npcs except when absolutely necessary, and only then with other associates of this crime group. In combat I did all his actions, but the party dictated the tactics of the group as a whole. (All 3 of my party members have 0 experience with TTRPGS) 2nd PC: as mentioned above, they designed her completely, but I again will be running her in combat, but same criteria, they choose the tactics, and can veto actions. Seeing as she has no connection to anything previously, her talking roles with Npcs will be even less. 

Hopefully with those stipulations I've given them, they will prevent me from turning this into a DMPC horror story. But with all your good advice, I'll be sure to keep lines of communication open regarding her role

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