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Orcas based campaign

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Anyone have ideas for mid-level daemonic Boss like antagonist. Something for around level 10? Some thing that would serve orcas

I am running a campaign set in the forgotten realms. Its location is a large landmass west of the sword coast.

My players have just defeated a night hag whom was collecting souls to sell directly to orcas. Orchis is corrupting the locals by having them summon dybbuks

A Dybbuk is a demonic jellyfish that takes over a corpse and uses it like a puppet. In my game world they have the additional ability of being implanted into the body of a living victim who slowly takes control of them as they die.

Dybbuk have infiltrated the local Paladin order. Corrupting them into dark paladins who will all eventually serve orcas in undeath.

The corrupted paladins ultimately seek to take over the kingdom and open a portal allowing a Balor commanding orchises forces to invade the city.

The player characters spin the rest of the campaign sifting through the ruling of the city Battling undead and daemonic forces. Many of the friendly NBC’s they met I’ve been corrupted into Mutant undead servants of orchus . The king, and other important NPC’s are now mini bosses for the players to fight or save if they can.

As a twist, and sword archon (angel like celestial) shows with divine orders to to cleanse the demonic incursion by holy fire. Effectively wiping the city off the face of the planet. The players are able to convince the sort archon that they can solve the problem before it is too late. The sword archon then assumes the form of a holy sword which will act as a magic item for one of my players. He will occasionally return to his angelic form to role-play with the characters for any wrongdoings they may partake in.

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To fill out the cast of characters. The king is marrying off his daughter to a nearby city state to form a new alliance that is needed to resist a looming orc incursion. The big reveal that the demons are invading occurs during the wedding.

Does anyone have any idea for mid-level daemonic bosses?

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