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Our DM sent us fishing

Some spoilers for Realm of the Frostmaiden

> Be me, Tiefling Glamour Bard (f), (not the main char here)
> Be not me: DM, and rest of group: Tiefling warlock (f), Gnome Druid (f), Human Monk (m), Elf Ranger (f). We are all Lvl. 6
> Group gets in small sea town, wants to investigate on sea monster in half frozen lake.
> Meet Angry Dwarf, who wants us to go fishing.
> We don’t want to, ‘cause of the sea monster is known for destroying the fishing boats of only this town.
> Half-elf scholar, who is also interested in sea monster, comes by.
> While unsupervised, monk agrees that we help the scholar. By writing in a notebook, while WE GO FISHING.
> Group not happy, but we go anyway. At least we get 5 copper per fish. And clear weather, calm water.

>So, we group splits in two boats, monk and ranger in one, rest in other.
> All have fishing rods, waiting for monster. Few fishes by Ranger, rest fails survival checks. Monk tries spear fishing, also fails.
> Our boat gets bored. Druid has an idea. “How about Thunder wave while my hands are under water and targeting the water?”
> DM: you can try.
> Dice roll, check passed. Invention of dynamite fishing. Around 15 fish float dead.
> I could also use thunder wave, me thinks.but to boring, so I just insult the surviving fishes with vicious mockery.
> “your mother’s a sponge” “I can smell you from up here, you stinky”> they jump out of the water to slap me, I catch them luckily
> Warlock: “alright, eldritch blasting it is.”
> So our boat works together, kills of a swarm, searches for a another, dynamite fishing and survivor hunting, rinse and repeat.
> Ranger flabbergasted, stopped with fishing and just observes our madness. Monk still spears the waters.

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>Suddenly, water gets shaken, DM rolls.
> And…the monster approaches. Long neck, small head.
> Group callout: “Nessie!”
> “You are the first to give me a name. And you don’t look like the usual fishers from that town.”
> Huh. Apparently, this plesiosaurus can talk.
> We convince it that we are certainly not from there, only here to see the mighty entity in this lake.
> Only that we were really loud.
> Puh. Don’t want to fight that thing.
> We have a nice discussion; it got its intelligence from a mighty druid, who threatens to take the gift of intelligence away if it doesn’t destroy all ships from this city.
> Our Druid rolls arcana, yes, she knows of the spell.
> DM tells the details and that its effects are permanent.
> And now…Druid and monk plan to con Nessie to change to our side.
> DM repeats slowly that the effects are permanent.
> Our Druid suggests to Nessie that she would remove the spell and then cast it again, but without a restriction. And this time the other Druid wouldn’t be able to reverse it, because our Druid is sooo much more powerful. Certainly.

> Nessie is frightened af.
> Of course, it wouldn’t want to be dumb again.
> The situation is going south really quick.

> I recall also having a high arcana skill.
> “@DM, do I also know the details of the spell?” ‘Roll for it.’
> “24.” What a convenient time to roll really good.

> “Yeah.”
> Ok, try to rescue this mission.
> “Hey Nessie, calm down, can you describe the spell the other druid used on you?”
> Nessie is still frightened, but I get it to thaw again and reveal some information about the spell my character of course already knows.
> “Ohhhh! that spell. Ahhh! Don’t fear, our dear druid must have mistaken the spell. The effects of this spell are permanent. Neither our druid, nor the other could reverse it. You are safe, and certainly don’t have to destroy boats anymore.”
> DM: roll on persuasion.
> Me: “17.”
> DM: Nessie believes you.

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> Puh. Safe again, that was close.
> Nessie is happy, will stop destroying ships and will also eat the other druid if it sees it again.
> A bit more friendly conversation, and we part our ways.

> We try to fish a bit more, but nearer to land to not disturb Nessie with some shocking bass.
> With the still-to-has-be-patented-technique.
> Druid rolls a nat 20. 30 more fish.
> Some more with swearing, spearing and blasting.
> Dm rolls, weather gets worse.
> DM loses connection (has shitty internet all day).
> Group agrees to con the town without DM knowing.
> We will promise to deal with the monster (heh), and collect a reward as high as possible.
> I am awaiting the chance to play out my bard.

> DM returns, now DM-ing over smartphone.
> We make our way back to the city, while Druid uses up her remaining spell bullets with thunder wave.
> But now the sea is too rough, almost falls in the water while trying (roll with disadv.)
> I have to catch gnome.
> She tries it again, same outcome, rescue also successful.

> We go back on land, a storm is clearly coming.
> We meet the dwarf and the scholar.
> How much fish do we have?
> Some gold worth of Fish.
> Monk gives back the notebook with the information of Nessie.
> “I’ve written down everything interesting”
> Scholar:” Oh, that is very interesting. Oh, here it says it is intelligent. And wow, you also convinced it to not attack the fishing boats anymore”
> …what?
> We tell the DM about our con plan.
> He destroyed it without knowing about it.
> A bit sad, but we play along, because it would be absolutely in character for the monk to write everything down.
> And it perfectly adds to the randomness of the day.
> We all have a good laugh.

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> Scholar is thankful and gives us some money for dealing with the monster anyway.
> So the group heads to the next best tavern.

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