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Overly Complicated Volleyball Minigame

Content of the article: "Overly Complicated Volleyball Minigame"

Do your players wanna have a "beach episode" session? Does everyone wanna roll way too many dice way too many times? Are you/your players really into haikyuu? Then i have the system for you!

So me and my players wanted a more chill session (just finished a major dungeon in dnd 5e) and we decided a chill beach day session was in order. Everyone wanted to do a little volleyball game but i think just dex checks would be a little boring? So i came up with a system that's way more complicated than it needs to be. Here's the write up:

  • There are 6 stats (ranging from 1-6): Power, Jumping, Stamina, Strategy, Technique, and Speed.
  • Stats range from 0 to 6. Take the modifiers for the associated "rpg stat" and add 1.
    • Power is Strength.
    • Stamina is Constitution.
    • Speed is Dexterity.
    • Jump is Strength and Dexterity.
    • Strategy is Wisdom and Intelligence.
    • Technique is Dexterity and Intelligence.
  • Each turn is divided in three different actions: Recieve, Toss, and Spike. Teams go one after the other (players v dm or pvp).
    • recieves are usually associated with Technique
    • tosses with Technique and Strategy
    • spikes with Power and Jump
  • The player describes what they wanna do and the DM calls which two stats you need for each challenge. The number of dice (d10s) you roll is the sum of the two stats + 1.
    • If the sum of stats is 0, roll 1 die.
  • Each action has a difficulty of 2-10. Every dice you roll higher than the difficulty counts as a success. The number of successes determines how well you accomplish your task. (similar to VtM)
    • Unless the players wanna try super weird stuff, the difficulty should never be super high.
  • The spikes and recieves are contested rolls. Whoever has the most "successes" (above 2) wins.
  • First team to 10 points wins, must have 2 point lead.
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I have considered using this system only for "called shots" and defaulting to the skills, but that seems off? but then again there's a lot of rolls and that might break the flow?

Ideas, criticisms and advice welcome, i've been waiting to play it before posting about but the session keeps getting postponed so i've had more time to think about it


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