Dungeons & Dragons Online

Painball and Real Estate(Campaign 2)

Be me: Kin; Kitsune Summoner, Saturo; Kitsune Druid, Arallas; Eidolon

Be not me: Moon Song; Ponkykind Rogue, Hiss'r; Drakeling Psion, Ari; Kobold Gunslinger, Darius; Forgeborn Gunslinger, DM

Open into the retreat from the Machine Overlord.

Hiss'r takes flight and catches up to Kin, Saturo, & Arallas in flight.

Begin berating Kin in a language he doesn't understand, about fleeing without the rest of the party.

Turn around and meet up with Moon, a seriously wounded Darius, and Ari…

DM calls for perception, on the flight down Hiss'r notices there's no clouds… the canopy is a flat plane… the Sun is gone yet the sky is still bright.

Knowledge(Planes)… can't quite figure it out. Land and point it out to Kin, he makes the check.

A Demi-Plane off the Prime Material… interesting, how do we get out?

Darius points out his fleshy half is still half dead, to which Hiss'r retorts about how she's suppose to heal something that's half metal but gets to sewing his flesh back together.

While we're at it try to integrate some parts from our robotic enemies into Darius' metal half…

Hiss'r kind-of attaches it but when Kit takes a look… not all that well done. Make a Knowledge(Engineering) roll and fix it up nicely.

Snythetic human skin wraps itself around his arm and becomes like that of the mannequins, neat.

Now we should rest, 4 spellpoints between the entire party leaves us in a dangerous position if we have to fight anything.

Hiss'r takes first watch… the Redshirt enters the Demiplane… Hiss'r doesn't take the opportunity to mark the escape…

A playing card falls from the sky… curios.

Hiss'r waltzes on over and picks it up… and it disintegrates, a bag of gems falling at her feet.

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Moon's watch! Oh shit that's a bad roll! This is gonna hurt.

Small metal orb floats into view…

Begins flying toward the party… Moon wakes everyone.

Party scatters in case it's some sort of slow moving homing missile.

It approaches Darius… extends a syringe… injects him.

He feels more tired but doesn't say anything as we don't want to pick an unnecessary fight.

Another injection… nausea.

Another injection… saved.

Another injection… paralysis.

Sawblades… sawblades?! Okay time to intervene.

Moon rushes in to stabby… nope. Metal orb, not exactly stab effective.

Ka-boom shot from Ari hits the Orb… another forcefield.

Kin… summoner without an Eidolon. Lightning Elemental!

Gets in a few goods trikes, bye bye shield.

Darius stabilizes!

Moon tries the hammer… nope, the orb is too hard for it.

The elemental looks lonely… time to summon a friend for it!

More lightning stikes on the orb… they're hurting it.

The orb descends to just above Darius and begins to cut and jab and other horrible painfulness… 2 Con Damage from torture.

Saturo! Cast cure light with his last spellpoint! Dari is awake… with the orb sitting on his chest.

Ari reloading… should really invest in inventing shells for her shotgun rather than packing powder charges.

Moon tries in vain to hammer dents into the painball.

The blades are still going! 4 Dex damage… Darius didn't need those tendons, right?

Saturo steps up to strike it with his staff… nope, just as ineffective as Moon's hammer.

Ari's reloaded… and crit fail, blasted away a third of a lightning elemental.

You know what this party needs? More lightning elementals!

Trio of lightning stikes against the orb! It's not lookin' so hot.

Darius is still paralyses but breathing… for now.

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Moon drops the hammer and drags our cyborg away from the painball.

Trio of lightning strikes as the ball pursues Darius… I guess it's programing is single-minded.

Ari again, trying her other gun… no damage. Welp at least the shotgun could hurt it.

Lightning strikes… once… twice… a few more and it flops to the ground, fried!

They bring the painball wreck to Kin before being dismissed by him.

Knowledge(Engineering) as Kin disassembles the dangerous parts of it before going back to resting.

DM calls for perception… Kin gets 2. Yeah I see nothing.

~~Technical issue, I hear nothing~~

Moon spots Hiss'r's new gem back… Hiss'r is possessive of her 'hoard' of treasure… dragon things I guess.

Ari's watch! Diligent Kobold watchfulness, everything goes well. Thank you Ari!

Moon's second watch (since the casters need rest with the combat interrupting the 8 hours)… another bad roll.

Why can't you watch like Ari?!/jk

Nothing bad happens… three cards fall from the sky.

DM: Pick one.

Anxiety… which to chose… will something horrible happen if she chooses wrong?

She chooses right, 1 get out of pretty much anything free card… DM explains the other two would've cursed her.

800xp each for the painball, hooray!

We navigate like we're in the Prime Material, heading down to where the road should be… and it's there.

We follow it to where the city should be… and it's there!

Did we just wonder out of the Demiplane as easily as we wondered in?

We get rooms for the night and the next morning Kin and Hiss'r check on the state of the city's real estate… turns out there's an estate house in town available for sale.

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It's pricey but we decide to make the investment.

While Hiss'r goes to check out our new HQ Kin seeks our a mechanist to look over the robot parts we recovered… find a sculptor who uses the parts in his art… close enough I guess?

Talk to him about robots and find out he actually knows a little and even has gloves for working with them without being shocked.

Ari off doing Kobold things in a mostly human town in total disregard of what Humans consider OK in public… she manages to avoid any consequences.

With a little bit of work we set up a machines lab in the new HQ so Kin has somewhere to fuss with the parts… should probably reinforce the door so if something comes alive it's trapped in that room.

Send words to the followers of Kin & company's exploits that heTHEY now have a base of operations, some of them come to check it out.

We set up a notice board out front and ask the followers to spread the word that they are taking requests for aid.

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