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Paladin breaking his oath?

Hi! Im a new DM and new to dnd too. I come today with a round of questions about paladins!

What Visually happens when a Paladin breaks his oath? (For flavour!!) does their holy symbol stop glowing? Do like the voice of their god roar “YOU SUCKKKK” or? Can some blessed redditor write a short flavour text to describe this event?

Are you deemed an oath breaker if you were faithful your entire life but only (purposefully) break your oath once?

If you’re either Ezekiel, Kyra, or Orion, don’t read it!!

Specific scenario I have in mind: an NPC Paladin is travelling to find a cure for his sick betrothed with his female companion Mei. She harboured secret feelings for this Paladin as well. Mei, along their journey was cursed to be a Yuki-Onna (akin to the Succubus). So with her ice powers and charm powers, she tricked the Paladin to stay with her in this ice temple/cave for just a month. But she would encase him in ice at night and thaw him once a year to “preserve his time with her”. He only believes that a week has passed, but in reality it’s almost 10years and they also had a kid he didn’t know about.

Enter the PCs, who tell Paladin that his beloved girl is still alive but literally on her deathbed. This kid they found is his daughter. He’s been frozen for eons and like, he needs to take the cure from the cave and go.

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Obviously if I was this Paladin I would be absolutely heartbroken and furious. Mei would stop him, and stop the PCs. She would be shattered too, knowing that in her trying to help the man she loves save the woman He loves, she’s in fact doomed herself to an eternity of desolation and despair. So let’s say Paladin wields his sword and deals the killing blow on Mei, out of desperation to save his girl. Would he be a fallen Paladin? What happens after?

I’m thinking he’d swore either the Oath of Devotion or of the Ancients.

One of the PC is a Paladin (devotion) so I think it’d be fun for him to witness a madman’s fall from grace. Heehee

Thanks in advance!

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