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Panty Raid Gone Wrong

Content of the article: "Panty Raid Gone Wrong"

> be me DM a modern 5e setting

> be not me, horny elf bard, tiefling monk, and human rogue (rouge used to be part of royal guard)

> set scene, at cheerleader tryouts

> elf bard get idea

> try and blackmail human rouge by telling her that he will tell the prince on her

> human rogue doesnt fall for it

> elf bard explains that he wants the rogue to panty raid the girls locker room

> human rogue does it, grabs pink frilly panties and purple g-strap

> human rogue gives them to elf bard

> elf bard is suprised that she actually did it

> elf bard waits to see who comes out of locker room looking flusterd

> elf bard rolls 19 on passive perception

> I roll percentile to determine what the races are

> I explain that a wood elf and half-orc girls walk out looking a bit flustered

> elf bard walks up to them

> elf bard successfully convinces them to help "guard" them on their way to their dorms

> in walks in Tiefling monk stuttering and tyring to get some action too

> elf bard wants to slide in one of the panties to the monk

> bard rolls low on slight of hand

> me rolls perception on elf girl and half-orc

> elf girl doesnt see

> half-orc girls does

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> elf girl runs away

> elf bard runs after her

> they run across the baseball field

> baseball team sees elf bard running after elf girl

> I roll to see what they do

> baseball team proceeds to throw baseballs and bats at the elf bard

> baseball bat slams into elf bard face

> cue chaos as party tries to calm down baseball team captain

why did they have to do this to me

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