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Party makes me want to stop DM’ing – What do I do?

Haven’t really utilised this subreddit enough. Anyway, for some context: I’m currently running Storm King’s Thunder with a group of friends. We are all around 16 and are generally familiar with each other (Difficult to explain). We just began the story with 2 of them arrive by horse back and 2 of them in front of Nightstone investigating tracks. The 2 that arrived immediately try to kill the 2 investigating, because ‘They were being suspicious’. I tried to tell them that they were just investigating the ground but the two that were investigating decided that they should retaliate. I reluctantly agreed.

Before the battle ended, I said that goblins had noticed the noise and came to intervene and that they had to work together. But they didn’t do that. They decided that they would continue fighting each other and the goblins.

After they did that, I tried to introduce the hook which is that they were here to alleviate a conflict between the townfolk and nearby elves. They then asked, ‘Why should we?’ I told them ‘Money’.

Later when they find Lady Nandar’s corpse, they immediately interrupted me to ask who was paying them. I said ‘No one’. They then said why they should even bother helping the town then.

For further context, none of the characters are evil. They are Lawful Good, Neutral, Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Good. They all unanimously agreed that it was pointless to even bother to help. They also refused to keep track of information and don’t bother to roleplay, instead opting to just not say anything.

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I can’t take it anymore. I’ve DM’d for them on another campaign and it was equally as difficult. The reason that ended was that it was ‘Too boring’. To be fair, it could also be my fault in my efforts to be a DM, but I strongly believe that I am not entirely the cause of their dissatisfaction with the campaign. They also disregard any important hooks and decide to fuck around because they think it’s funny. They ALSO don’t even know the rules. I have to constantly remind them on what to do; even though I told them to learn the rules prior to the session.

Now, I am making this post to ask for advice. Do I just stop DM’ing? Do I talk to them about it? Or do I just grin and bear it? I need help, please.


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