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Party stole from and killed the guards of a powerful government official. Need to show them that their actions have consequences.

Content of the article: "Party stole from and killed the guards of a powerful government official. Need to show them that their actions have consequences."

If you are Slip, Vatra, Reena, Rerai, or Zoro, stop reading!

First time poster, so sorry if this sounds weird or is a dumb question.

I am a fairly new DM only having DMed 2 oneshots before, and just finished the third session of a new campaign. I started with one of the beginner level 1-3 adventures in the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount that the party finished at the end of the second session, so the party is level 3.

They have just traveled to the capital city of Rexxentrum because the pary's wizard, Slip, was offered a job by an old comrade in a theive's guild to steal some contraband from a government official. With very little planning, they decided to tackle the job the night that they arrived in the city, and it very quickly went south. After successfully deceiving the guards at the gate to the rich part of the city, the party arrived at the manor of the government official. They slept one of the guards walking around the manor while the other guard was on the other side of the house, and hid the sleeping guard's body in the bushes before running towards a window, unlocking it, and slipping inside. Sleep spells were thrown left and right at the various guards throughout the manor and the party made their way to the third floor and right outside the official's bedroom.

At about this time, many of the sleeping guards began to wake up, because sleep only lasts a minute, and started storming into the house and raising the alarm for intruders. Slip and Zoro, the barbarian, burst into the bedroom and began threatening the official and ransacking the room looking for the contraband, as well as any gold and jewelry they could find. At the same time, Rerai the warlock, Reena the ranger, and Vatra the Fighter/Paladin, started to fend of and kill the guards and guard dogs that were charging up the stairs. After killing all 8 guards in the manor and finding the contraband, the party fled and eventually made their way out of the city and away from the chaos that they created. The session ended with the party making camp a few miles outside of the city.

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There obviously has to be some repercussions for all of this chaos that they created. They killed 8 royal guards, and broke into and stole from a very high up government official (Kai Arness from EGtW). I want to show the party that they can't just do whatever they please and be murder hobos, but realistically, they could very easily be found and killed/imprisoned for a long time for what they've done. So I am not sure how to go about this with it still being fun and exciting for the party. The main idea that I have right now is having a powerful government enforcer track them with scry spells and such, because they left lots of blood at the scene, and try to take them in, but my main issue with that is they either kill him, which further enforces that they can kind of do whatever they please, or he kills/captures them, and the punishment for their crimes would have to be really severe.

Any help and suggestions are appreciated!

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