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Party Turns a Complete Disaster into Opportunity

Content of the article: "Party Turns a Complete Disaster into Opportunity"

My party made a 180-degree turn last session, from where they have been jailed due to an 'accidental' village massacre and were very likely to be sent to the block after being tried or killed during an escape if they attempted to.

They attempted an escape.

The dragonborn paladin of Odin decided to use a legendary artefact for which they have been constantly assaulted, to heal up the badly bruised party who had been thoroughly beaten by the prison guards with batons. Of course, the artefact makes a sound and the three guards who had been posted to watch them were immediately drawn to this. As they came close, the paladin used the artefact again, using the other utility of the artefact which they were not completely aware of its limits.

  • 20 thunder damage,
  • 14 poison damage,
  • 10 necrotic damage;

A total of 44 damage to everyone in 60 feet earshot.

They thought that touching the person using this utility would leave them unaffected. They had never put this theory to the test. All of the guards within the immediate vicinity and all party members except for the dragonborn were reduced to zero hit points in 6 seconds.

Realising that he had done f#%d up, he tried to make amends by casting Aid, increasing the maximum and current hit points of three of his comrades by 5, leaving one out – the tiefling sorcerer. He then told the party cleric, the half-elf noble to stabilise the tiefling and laid back, pretending to be dead or injured just like everyone else in the vicinity. That's where the guards came in, the artefact had made an awful lot of noise while killing everyone. However, the half-elf did not stabilise the tiefling – she instead extended her arms out towards the guards, pleading, begging them to take her away from her party members, telling them that she'll tell everything that happened. After a natural 20 on a Persuasion roll, she was being carried by the guard to the captain in a moment's notice. The rest of the guards inspected the bodies and the prisoners and called for a healer and within half an hour came the Catholic bishop of the town. He inspected the wounded concluding that the dragonborn was suspiciously unharmed and the tiefling was thoroughly dead along with the guards in the vicinity, their facial orifices bleeding and skin rotting away. So, he ordered that the paladin should be chained, which the guards carried out. Then they 'woke' him up.

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Rolling high on Deception, the paladin managed to get the catholic bishop to believe that it was the tiefling who caused all this ruckus and in fact, it was him broke him out of his otherworldly chanting. And that perhaps it was a divine intervention which prevented his demise. The bishop didn't want to believe that a pagan and monstrous creature like him would be protected by divine love and care but he did roll really high on Deception rolls. Then the remaining ones in the cell, halfling barbarian and dwarvish fighter 'agreed' to convert and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and saviour and were healed back to relative healthiness.

On the other side, the half-elf waved her scroll of pedigree and demanded proper treatment. However, even when inspected by the bishop who's one of the most literate people in the area, the papers were useless for the moment – she clearly was carrying a pendant of Thor and her ears were not circumcised, this meant that she would not be able to benefit from her noble privileges.

For clarity:

"It is known that Rome, the holy Catholic city of Rome once was an Elven city as well, much like Constantinople. Catholics from all corners of Europe were rallied to reclaim the ancient throne of Pope from the heathen elves. What is not known by most is that upon sacking the city, the surviving elves were forced to convert. Those who refused were slaughtered at the spot and those who accepted, had their ears rounded and then baptised – and this is how the practice of ear circumcision came to be. Races with dagger ears must have their ears rounded on hallowed ground in order to be accepted by the Lord" – says the Roman Catholic Church.

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She accepted to be circumcised on the spot with the tools they had at their disposal and was healed back to health by the bishop. She then proceeded to lie about how they were magically controlled by that devil of a tiefling and that she doesn't even remember half the things that occurred during that period, including the alleged village massacre – which they have been locked in for – all independently from the paladin's claim, telling pretty much the same story. She also told him about the artefact they have been carrying on his behalf, which the bishop confiscated promptly, though it further solidified her claims. After a set of really high Deception rolls and carefully selected words, the half-elf noble convinced the bishop of their innocence and made sure that he'd stick up for them during the trial in the coming day.

Fast forward to the end of the trial which lasted three sessions (not game sessions), the half-elf was absolved but the rest had to buy their freedom at the cost of one-fourth of the amount of their bounty.

I'd told them to make new characters, I never expected them to survive that. Made me proud. Another good thing is that the tiefling's player was planning to leave the campaign anyway, so, that fit just right.

TL;DR: Party indirectly killed the tiefling in the party and blamed everything on him to get away with genocide.

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