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PC drew a Wish spell from DoMT. What do?

Content of the article: "PC drew a Wish spell from DoMT. What do?"

If you still think Galinden is an undercover agent of Talona, stop reading now (yes that means you too Godfrey).

Some background first. I've been running a homebrew campaign for my friends for almost three years so far. We've expanded from 4 PCs to 8 over that course of time, and the party really enjoys it. Even with that expansion of players, I really try to make all players feel appreciated and involved in the story. Main plot is relatively straightforwad; party is trying to retrieve 5 pieces of McGuffin before BBEG does because he is trying to bring back Talona (homebrewed a bit) in an effort to take over the world. They've done really well so far in retrieving one of the pieces, and they just learned of where two more are so story is moving along well.

I decided to throw a DoMT into the campaign after they raided a powerful wizard's tower and it's gone well so far. Now before you rip into me about DoMT horror stories, I've been pretty good at weaving unforseen storylines into the narrative. First person to pull from the deck pulled Throne and they party cleared a band of orcs from the keep which turned out to be BBEG's childhood home. They're now using it as a base of operations.

Next PC decided to pull two and pulled Euryale and Moon (quarter so only 1 wish). Player is relatively new to TTRPGs and 5e so I tried explaining to him how detrimental Euryale can be for his level 8 half-orc barb with -1 to all saving throws but he keeps focusing on his one wish. He's approached me about potentially having the ability to transform into a dragon at will, but told him I will do some research (aka this post) and keep him updated.

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So what do I do? I'm trying to keep an even head about it and work with him on what he wants. The group is trying to persuade him as well in order to move the story along such as wishing for BBEG dead or all of the pieces of the amulet. Though PC seems pretty intent on being able to control a dragon. I'm relatively open and flexible to the wish being fulfilled unless he words it atrociously, but I still want to keep the game relatively grounded and not end the campaign in the next 2-3 sessions depending on his wish.

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