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PCs requiring mentors/teachers to advance past level 5

Content of the article: "PCs requiring mentors/teachers to advance past level 5"

TL;DR I’m looking for help in implementing an RP system in which the PCs require a mentor in their field to help them level up to 5th and beyond.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people talk of this idea before but am struggling to find any posts on it. The basic idea is that, as in the title, I’m thinking about telling the PCs in my game that they will need to find a mentor to get to level 5 and then advance beyond it. We use milestone levelling and we’re a group that loves RP so I think it will go down well enough, but I do have a couple of worries.

Firstly I’m concerned that they’ll be a lot of flitting around the sandbox world I’ve created for them whilst they all find mentors and might become more preoccupied with that than in any personal quests/the main storyline etc. I want to implement this but I also don’t want it to become several sessions of what is effectively downtime where they journey to the mentors home, have a training montage, and then go to the next PCs mentor. I want it to feel organic.

Secondly, although I want it to feel organic, I also don’t want it to hamper the PCs whose mentor might be harder to find, and thus take longer to level up than the others. There’s an artificer, a fighter, monk, rogue, and warlock, and whilst I’m pretty sure that for the warlock (who will learn from their patron), the fighter, and the rogue it will be easy enough to find someone to train them, I’m concerned that for the monk and artificer (both for reasons relating to the lore of the world) it will be more difficult to find someone. I’m prepared for them to level up one at a time, but I want it to be as smooth as possible so that some PCs don’t feel like they’re having to wait just because of their interesting background or whatever.

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Finally, my last major concern is continuing to keep the mentor NPC valuable throughout the rest of their journey; I don’t just want the PCs to visit them once at level 4 because I said they had to and then not again. I was thinking maybe that the mentor would give them enough new knowledge to get to level 10 from there, but would have to visit again, but this seems rather like just recycling plot points that might be boring.

If anyone has ever implemented this system I’d love to know how it went and whether your PCs enjoyed it. Let me know how you planned it and how it went and if anything you did addressed the concerns I have and whether any new difficulties came up as a result of this kind of thing.


P.S: I’m also considering giving them both a feat and an ASI at level 4, just so those that get to level 5 the slowest don’t feel like they’ve gone a long time without any new toys: has anyone got experience in trying that?

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