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PC’s want to run for Mayor in LMoP

Content of the article: "PC’s want to run for Mayor in LMoP"

First time DM here.

Long story short my PC's have convinced that the Townmaster hired the Redbrands to cause unrest in the town. Now they want to run for Townmaster. The candidates are PC1 (dante (human sorc.)) PC2 (ezilo (water genasi druid)) Harbin, Halia, Daran.

How do I go about doing this. Right now I have them each write a speech, do some community service and do at least 1 random encounter something like kill 3 goblins outside of town. Dante has his friend IRL and in game Fuego as his "campaign manager" and Ezilo has his friend IRL and in game (though we are all friend IRL) as his "campaign manager"

What i have right now is they initially roll a Charisma check (DC to be decided) on a success they get 5 people (there are 60 people in the town that can vote) on a fail they get no one

Then after they do their speeches they roll another Charisma check and on a success they get 5 more people plus a percentile dice for the amount of the population that hasn't sided with someone.

You do that again for the community service and again after the quest. the problem with that is that for the person to fist roll a percentile dice might get a high number and therefor getting the most amount of people at one time pretty much ending the campaign on the spot.

I don't want to not run this because i said anything that you can possibly think of i will allow you to do within reason. So I don't want to botch the campaign or have it be interrupted etc… They are writing speeches making posters making a slogan. They are going all out on this and i love it. It would be such a let down for them if all of a sudden they election got interrupted. The winner will get the townmaster home (that cannot be sold) they also get a "hearthstone" that allows them to teleport wherever they are in the world to that town (it can be used once every 3 months IRL, or some other large cooldown).

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Let me know what you guys think

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