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Perspective check before taking some punitive actions

Content of the article: "Perspective check before taking some punitive actions"

I'm lucky to have a great group. Out of five players, only 1.5 of them are shitbirds; which based on my experience me is a really good ratio.

At the end of last session the party found a + 1 crossbow and a + 1 rapier. While the group was discussing how the party overall would benefit the most, two of the players were being really grabby. The cleric was trying to make some bullshit "if I get the crossbow I won't have to cast as many spells so I can heal you more often" argument, and the barbarian tried to just grab the rapier. They were very unimpressive displays of greed.

Meanwhile, the bard and the assassin – the two characters that I had in mind when I dropped the items – were totally chill about it. They didn't even argue with the ludicrous shit that the cleric and barbarian were saying and doing. I was really impressed.

So to reward them, I was thinking of having the players roll off to see who gets the items; and everyone who wasn't greedy and gross gets an inspiration dice to help with this.

My other idea is to just let those two have their way, and then almost immediately introduce much better magic items like flame tongue. The greedy grabbers will have just received magic items and therefore won't have a leg to stand on when claiming the loot; and the chill non-materialistic players will be rewarded with good loot.

The thing is, I don't want to be petty. Being a greedy powergamer is a huge pet peeve of mine; so both of those ideas give me a sense of satisfaction; which is making me doubt my objectivity. I definitely don't want to "swing my dick around" and misuse my DM power; and to be honest I can't tell if favoritism is guiding my decision making here.

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What do you guys think? Are these good ideas; or would I be unfairly punishing people for not having the same attitude about items that I do? Is "attitude policing" like this the DM's place to be doing at all?

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