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Phylactery Questions

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This may not be the place to post this, I'm not sure. If so, please tell me a better spot and I'll gladly move this there!

So, quick context, I'm posting for my GM who runs our 5 year (and going strong!) 3.5 campaign. I play a level 23 Lich Wiz/Clr who is on his way to Demilich (the awesome 3.5 version of course, not the nuked af 5e version, wth happened there?) Since we are obviously in Epic Levels we are getting into Epic Level situations and for the first time since lichdom this character has died. 1d10 days to regenerate from the phylactery, you know the song and dance. But then we hit a snag.

Both GM AND myself believed the phylactery to be 'used up' after the lich regenerates. This way death is still expensive and a prohibitive punishment for any egomaniacal malarky that may be going on (I'm 100% guilty here, and I own that) Another player brought up that we may not have time to create a new phylactery before heading off to our current plot hook climax; so I started digging for ways to speed the process up. In that, I can't find anything that states a phylactery is used after regeneration. Not only that but it's seemingly also saying that a lich can only have one phylactery EVER, if the first is destroyed tough luck. This is dissonant with my journey to demilich and creating extra phylacteries/soul gems.

So, where did he and I go wrong? Why do we think that A phylacteries are 'used up' in the event of a lich's demise ala 'clone' or the diamonds for a Resurrection and B that phylacteries were therefore a resource to be invested into, not a one-time only deal. Is there any source material that definitively says phylacteries are an endless supply of lich regeneration OR that they disappear after one use? We can't find source material that says one or the other. GM has decided to forego the one phylactery only rule; and is considering homebrewing the phylactery being a one-and-done magic item so that there is a handicap on my lichdom compared to other living characters; but we are just looking for reference support for either or. Also just plain curious as to what y'all would do to support a lich character: let the infinite regen happen for the initial price of a phylactery (since it was so expensive and hard) or leave the (possibly homebrew) cap on of death=remake phylactery to try and limit the lich fuckery.

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Thanks in advance y'all!

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