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Picking a class to multi class into for my rogue

Content of the article: "Picking a class to multi class into for my rogue"

So I’m wanting to involve a deity in my characters story. I’ll give you where he’s up to in his life.

He started the campaign with his only real backstory being that he is the heir to a throne. He got involved with a group of adventurers that came to tell his father that the demon Tharizdun has been released

A quest to kill this demon results in the party coming face to face with the demon lords (one of which turns out to be his dad this entire time) and my character dying after he watched the entire party die in front of his eyes.

He woke up naked in hell. Turns out one of our party members was a warlock of asmodeus and promised that if we reach the 9th later of hell he would send up back to the prime material plane

After helping zariel redeem herself she sends us to the prime material herself so f@ck the other 8 layers asmodeus

We return after a month in hell to find the world has fast forwarded by 2 years and on the surface everything seems fine (apart from the old capital being a storm land filled with bandits) but after a bit of digging it isn’t fine underneath, he has reason to believe that the world is actually being run by demons now, the paladin order is demanding ridiculously harsh taxes and the leader of the order executed us. Then we know of someone leasing people to be eaten by baphomet.

After leaving he’ll my character started turning towards deity. He’s attending church and the party has just had an argument over whether they should try to kill baphomet which resulted in all of them telling him we can’t because we aren’t powerful enough yet to which his response was well why are we here in the first place then, we came back to kill Therizdun, if we aren’t fighting demons what are we doing

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The result of this is he wished for the aid of a deity, I want to multi class into something that gets powers of deities, but I’m already 9 level rogue 5 level ranger so I only have 6 levels to work with


My character is pissed with demons and wants a God to help him, what class should I go for, I’m already level 14

I’ve thought of paladin oath of vengeance but does anyone have any other ideas?

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