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Player Asking for new(homebrew) monastic tradition

I have a player who is new to DnD and is looking for a way to flavor a monk somewhere between an anime character and someone like Bruce Lee. Talking back and forth he gave me some ideas of things he wanted to do(which is basically everything) I tried to scale it back and provide balance- as I am coming off a 16 hour work day, I doubt I was able to achieve. This is what I came up with though. Fix it, criticize it, tell me there is already something that achieves these flavors. Our session is at 6 P.M. and they are supposed to be level 3.

Way of Yin and Yang

Your training has allowed you to find balance between subtle energies of Yin or the overt energies of Yang. In combat this means that you've learned to expand and contract in complementary action with your opponents, allowing you to control the flow of a fight by using your ki to suppress your opponent or overwhelm them with powerful energy attacks.

At third level, when you choose this monastic tradition, you can choose 1 Yang and 1 Yin ability. When using these abilities, you must alternate between Yin and Yang. The count is reset after a short rest or long rest, so that you can use either one to begin after resting.

You can choose 1 more Yin and Yang ability at 6th, 11th, and at 15th level.

At 11th level you've reached closer to true balance. When you use a Yin ability, your next melee attack does radiant damage and your fists give off dim light up to 10 feet in front of you until you use a Yang ability or for 1 hour(whichever is shorter). When you use a Yang ability you have resistance from Necrotic damage sources and gain darkvision up to 30ft for 1 hour.

At 17th level you've gained the perfect balance of Yin and Yang. When you use a Yin ability, the cost of your next Yang ability is reduced by 1 Ki point. When you use a Yang ability, your next yin attack can sever the astral cord that ties the astral self to a material body.

The benefits gained at 11th and 17th level I was definitely struggling with. I knew what kind of feel I wanted, but I was so out of steam…

List of Yin and Yang abilities

-1” Punch (Yang) – 1 Ki

A powerful punch using your core and channeling your ki, it drives the opponent backwards. When you take that attack action you can choose to spend a ki point, if you make a successful unarmed strike your martial arts damage die is increased by one level and the attack knocks the opponent back 5 ft. The target must make a Strength or Dexterity saving throw, and on a failure you can choose that they be pushed back an additional 10 feet(str) or be knocked prone(Dex).

-Debilitating strike(Yin) – 1 Ki

An attack that uses ki to sense an opening and perfectly time a strike that silences or blinds an opponent. When taking the attack action you may spend a ki point increasing your martial arts damage die by 1 level and have the target make a Constitution saving throw. On a failure, you can choose to inflict them with the blinded or silenced(unable to speak or cast spells with verbal components) condition for 1 round.

-Counter strike**(Yin)** – 1 Ki

When an opponent within 5 ft makes an unsuccessful melee attack against you, you may spend a ki point to quicken your reflexes and take advantage of the opening created. Using your Reaction, you may make an unarmed strike against the target. You may use any other ki attacks that work with unarmed strikes.

-Hip Toss (Yin)– 1 Ki

When using an attack to grapple a creature of no more than one size category higher than your own, you may spend a ki point and attempt to throw the creature within the same motion. On a successful grapple the creature receives damage equal to your martial arts die and the target is knocked prone within any unoccupied space within five feet of you. (The target must fit in the space, or else it stays in its current position)

-Ki Spike <Chidori>**(Yang)** – 2 Ki (up to 6 Ki)

You can take an action and spend 2 ki points to channel the aspect of Yang, concentrating and collecting radiant energy around your index and middle finger. The energy is designed as a piercing attack that bypasses defenses and can cut the opponent. The energy is released the next time you make a successful unarmed strike against a target and use your bonus action to release the energy. If your concentration is broken before the energy is released, you lose the built up energy. The Ki spike adds an additional 3d6 Radiant damage to your melee attack.

Additionally this attack can be charged up by using your action and spending a ki point on your subsequent turn, increasing the damage as follows: 5d6; 7d6; and 9d6. Damage increases to d8 at 11th Level, and d10 at 13th level, and d12 at 17th level.

When a target is hit by the ki spike, they must make a Constitution save and if they fail they are inflicted with the bleed effect, taking an additional 1d4 damage and again at the start of its turn. At the end of its turn it may make a constitution save to remove the bleed effect or continue to take damage at the start of each of its turns. If the Ki spike was charged, the bleed damage goes up one die level for each charge (i.e. 1d6, 1d8, 1d10).

-Ki Blast <Kamehameha> (Yang)–2 Ki(up to 6)

By using your action and spending 2 Ki points, you collect Yang energy between your hands. As a bonus action, you may release this energy in the form of a bluish-yellow beam up to 60 ft in a straight line. Roll 3d6 radiant damage. Any creature, object, or creation of magical force that is in the path of the blast must make a dexterity saving throw(if able). On a failed save, the first target in line receives damage up to its remaining HP. If the target is reduced to 0HP, it and all non-magical items it is wearing or carrying are turned to dust and blown away. Any remaining damage is carried over to the next target that failed their Dexterity saving throw. This continues until no damage is left. Only a true resurrection or wish spell can restore creatures destroyed by this effect.

This ability may be charged by spending an action and a ki point on a subsequent turn. (5d6; 7d6; and 9d6)

Alternatively to shooting all the energy in a straight line, you can choose to split the beam and send it to separate targets up to the number of damage die available for your attack(i.e. you can choose 9 targets if you have 9d6) all blasts hit at the same time, therefore you would only need to roll 1d6 for damage applying that damage to each target. Every target makes a separate dexterity saving throw, taking 0 dmg on a success.

Damage increases to d8 at 11th level, d10 at 13th Level, and d12 at 17th level.

-Radiant Ki Aura**(Yang)** – 4 Ki

An aura of forceful ki harnessed as radiant Yang energy swirls around you with incredible intensity. By spending an action and maintaining concentration, you create an area in a circle of 30 ft radius and a height of 15 ft centered around you. Creatures in the area take 3d6 radiant damage and must make a strength saving throw or be pushed outside the radius. The ki is bright and forceful, causing ranged attacks to have disadvantage on those within the circle. Any creature(other than yourself) starting their turn, or entering the circle for the first time, must make a strength saving throw, or be pushed out of the radius and take 3d6 radiant damage.

At the beginning of your next turn you can spend a key point to maintain this effect. The effect will last as long as you are able to maintain your concentration and spend the 1 ki point. You can end your concentration at will.

Undead are at disadvantage on this save.

-Divine Rebuke**(Yin)** – 2 Ki

Your balance in Yin and Yang allows you to channel ki to retaliate when you're struck. When an opponent damages you with a melee attack, you may spend 2 ki points and use your reaction to send your ki through their attack. The target makes a Dexterity save, on a failed save, they take 2d10 necrotic damage and half that on a success. The target is unable to recover HP until its next turn.

-Destructive Kick (Yang)– 3 Ki

You deliver a powerful kick to the ground, releasing a burst of radiant energy that ripples outward in any direction up to 30 ft. You can choose up to 3 creatures within range, and they must succeed a Constitution saving throw and take 2d8 Thunder damage, and 3d6 radiant damage on a failure, and half damage on a success. The ground between you and the targets becomes difficult terrain.

-Maddening Touch- must be level 15 –(Yin) – 5 Ki

Duration: 2 rounds

Your mastery of the power of Yin allows you to subvert an enemy's senses and send them on an inward soul search through their darkest nightmares with just a touch to their head.

You can spend 4 Ki points and cause a target within five feet to make an intelligence saving throw. The target automatically succeeds if it is immune to being charmed. On a successful save the target takes 4d10 psychic damage. On a failed save, the target takes 4d10 psychic damage and spends the next 2 turns trapped in their own mind, with the stunned condition. This condition ends when they pass an intelligence save, after two rounds, or when they receive damage. If damage is the reason for the effects end, the target receives an additional 4d10 psychic damage.

-Soul Rip- must be level 15 (Yang) – 5 Ki

Your mastery of the power of Yang allows you to look through a person and target their very soul. When you take the attack action and make a successful unarmed strike against an opponent, you may spend 5 ki points and send a blast of radiant energy into their soul dealing 8d6 radiant energy. If the attack drops them less than 100 HP, they must make a Wisdom save or their astral self is pushed out of their body and they are sent to the astral plane. The shock of having their astral self attacked causes them to be able to take no actions or reactions on their next turn. They must use an action to return to their body.


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