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Player choice advice needed.

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Long time lurker here, and I need some advice…

I've got a player who is tired of playing his character and wants to switch classes. he's upset that his barbarian doesn't have multiple attacks at level 3, he wants to to more than just rage and attack.

His background is coming from games like Diablo, WoW, Lineage 2, etc. mostly MMOs, according to his wife he was a top tier player back in the day, so he has becoming a little bored I guess you could say with his class.

He came to me and asked if he could switch to a necromancer. I asked why? His response was so he could in theory by level 10 raise an army…now at this point I’m thinking like a DM and a player, and knowing that this player plays a lot of MMOs and games like Diablo got me thinking…okay how would this work and I did the math, while yes he could do that but I've got to look at things from other players and my own roles at the table.

So I told him, I’m sorry and I don’t mind you switching classes to a spell caster but I’m going to have to say a hard no to the Necromancer, not only is there a Cleric in the party but at that point you would be wasting all your spell slots and any time the Cleric even cast turn undead or something similar you would have to make rolls for everyone of your raised or one roll for all of them.

Now at this point I’ve also suggested that he look at multi-classing into a Druid with Circle of the Moon as his circle, basically allowing him to do more damage and have more versatility as player, he said he would think on it.

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Later that night after telling him this, I spoke with my S/O who has played with me in the past and She brought something up to me, that when I DM I have to control everything in the game, it’s the one point in my life so to speak that I need to be in total control of…she just wonders why I can’t just let the player change and teach him the consequences later on, why say no right now…

So, here’s my problem, do I change my mind and tell my player, you know what go ahead and make the Necromancer or do I stick to my original answer?

P.S.: Not sure if this belonged in the problem player thread, so i posted it here, if it does i don't mind the move to that thread

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