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Player has developed a taste for PC blood (and also turns down the opportunity for his own personal army).

>Be me, 3rd level Drow ranger

>Not me, half-elf fighter, human druid, undead cleric (that's a story for another time), and half-orc barbarian (all 3rd level as well)

>In approx our 5th session, DM is the only one who has had any prior experience with DnD

>All of our characters have pretty much been dicks thus far, but at least we've avoided the stereotypical murder hobo

>There's been occasional infighting amongst the group, but it's all been in good fun right before we're about to take a long rest anyway


>Currently in an abandoned settlement looking for someone called Reidoth who can give us information about BBEG

>Have already defeated a green dragon who used to live in the settlement

>Searching through an overgrown building when we get ambushed by walking plants

>During the fight, fighter randomly decides to attack the druid and then try to burn down the building with us in it


>OOC the fighter tells us that he's bored with his character, and just wanted an excuse to make a new Warforged one

>Kind of annoyed that this was the method he chose to do that, but not going to make a big deal out of it

>I douse the fire with my canteen, and the fighter tries to run

>We easily catch and dispatch him

>Cut off three of his limbs, then stabilize him and leave him for dead

>In-game we wanted him to suffer a fate worse than death, but OOC we just wanted to create Darth Vader


>Next session, we accidentally awaken a Warforged fighter buried inside a dilapidated barn

>He tells us that his purpose is to fight evil, so he agrees to join us in our quest to destroy BBEG

>He was the 314th unit of his model, so we call him 314


>Finally find Reidoth, he agrees to give us the information we want in exchange for rooting out some dragon cultists who live nearby

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>Everybody's all set to go in guns-ablazin and kill them all


>Reidoth mentioned that these guys are fanatics and nutcases… maybe we can get them to start worshiping 314 instead and do his bidding

>Don't expect this to work, but it should be entertaining at least


>314 strolls up to their hideout with the rest of us following him chanting in unison

>Tells them that he was forged in dragon fire and that he is their new god

>They don't buy it, cue 314 trying to convince them for the next few minutes

>Finally, 314 breathes fire above above his head and proclaims that he is a god and they shall follow him or they shall perish (fire breathing is a homebrew mechanic that just replaces a bow because the player thought it would be cooler)

>I cast dancing lights over his head at the same time

>DM: "Roll for intimidation with advantage"

>Nat 20

>Holy shit it worked


>Sidebar amongst PCs: "What do we do now?"

>Me: "Tell them to follow you, they'll be our cannon fodder when we attack BBEG."

>314 doesn't like this idea

>Me: "Okay, maybe we can get them to commit ritual suicide or just leave."

>314: "Any among you who are worthy may be reborn in the searing heat of dragon fire, just as I was."

>Everybody except one leaves. Some ~15 year old kid wants to be reborn as a Warforged.

>314 bonks him unconscious.

>"What do we do with him now?"

>Me: "I say we just kill him."

>314: "No, he's my follower and I will do him no harm."

>20 minutes ago you were ready to kill all of these cultists, plus you probably just gave the kid permanent brain damage, but whatever.

>Cleric suggests that we leave him a note telling him to go 20 miles due East to "await his next task" and not to return until it's finished.

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>Sure, whatever. We don't even know if the kid can read, but that's not my problem.


>Return to Reidoth

>"Are all of the cultists gone?"


>DM: "Roll deception"

>Nat 1

>"Alright, there's one kid left, but he's sure to leave just as soon as he wakes up."

>Reidoth: "This is unacceptable. I agreed to give you guys the information only when all of the cultists were dealt with."

>I sneak off during the conversation to finish off the cultist


>Eventually the rest of the party notices that I'm gone

>314 instantly knows where I've gone, and chases after

>Druid follows 314

>314 finds me dragging the cultist's body back with his throat slit

>314: "Why did you kill him?"

>Me: "What do you mean? Reidoth wouldn't give us the information until all of the cultists were dead or gone and, well… problem solved."

>314: "We convinced him to give us the information anyway while you were away."

>Me: "Oh, cool. Then I guess there is no problem."

>314: "I hit him with my hammer."


>MFW this guy has now attacked a PC in two consecutive sessions

> I cast fog cloud and try to run away

>Partially because I know I'm no match for him in close-quarters combat, but also because I don't want a second session in a row to get derailed by intra-party violence

>314 keeps chasing me

>Druid sees what happened and transforms into bear

> I cower behind the bear

>314 runs right past bear, the attack of opportunity misses, and he keeps attacking me

>Every attack he tries hits me

>I only last 2.5 rounds of combat before being knocked out… never even launched an attack of my own


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>When I come to, 314 demands a payment of 10 gold to be buried with the cultist as reparations… and also still expects to allowed to join our party.

>OOC, the player is really proud of this character that he's created, so I reluctantly agree to allow him to join

>He also lets it be known that from here on out he neither likes nor trusts my character

>Me, a Drow: Motherfucker, you merely adopted the mistrust. I was born into it, molded by it. I didn't know true friendship until I was already a man.

>Little does he know that Drow do not forgive, and they do not forget.

>For now, I bide my time and wait for the opportune moment.

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